T2D web links and resources

We recommend taking a look at the following website resources.

Diet Doctor

Dr Andeas Eenfeldt’s Diet Doctor website is an excellent resource for all interested in the latest thinking on LCHF and other health and dietary questions.


Living Loud

‘Living Loud supports campaigns with our skills in digital technology, storytelling and communications. We aim to engage, inspire and support people to overcome illness and to prevent the suffering happening in the first place.’ Living Loud is a Brighton-based project aiming to make Brighton the place in the UK with the best outcomes for Type 2 diabetes.

Public Health Collaboration

Public Health Collaboration is a charitable organisation devoted to improving the quality of information with the sphere of Public Health. PHC is the focal point for the best current thinking on health in the UK. 

The Fat Emperor

When engineer Ivor Cummins was diagnosed with high cholesterol he set about using his background in solving complex technical problems to working out what to do about it. What he discovered was a remarkable new model for cholesterol, diet and cardio-vascular disease. Ivor has gone on to interview many of the key figures in new health thinking. Good site!

Verner's Views

Dr Verner Wheelock’s ‘Verner’s Views’ health and science blog is highly-recommended reading.

That Sugar

In 2014 filmmaker Damon Gameau set out to discover what would happen if he replaced healthy calories in his diet with sugar equivalent to the average Australian’s diet.The results we shocking. Within 60 days he’d started to get fatty liver disease and was well on his way to full diabetes. The ‘That Sugar’ website is a good resource for information and recipes, as is the very nicely-designed book and the ‘That Sugar’ film is a must-see.

If you don’t know this site, you should. The forums are interesting and various and there’s an excellent low carb diet project.