Some Movies We Like ...
Carlos Cervantes

Carlos Cervantes is one of our key touchstones at Dia-Beat This! Our question to anyone wondering if they can change their health though diet is this: ‘Carlos did it. Can you?’
Sarah Hallberg MD

Sarah Hallberg, TED Talk. We love a good TED Talk and there are three listed here. In this first one Sarah Hallberg explains how recovery from T2D start swith ignoring the guidelines. This talk has a blunt assessment of the necessity of carbohydrates in diet. Very provocative, very enjoyable and based on first-hand experience.
Dr David Unwin

Dr David Unwin is one of our great inspirations. Based in Southport, in 2012 he began treating his patients’ T2D with a Low Carb High Fat diet, with great results. This now saves his practice £40,000 per year on its medication bill. Imagine similar savings across the whole NHS …
Robert Lustig MD

Dr Robert Lustig, TED Talk. Robert Lustig is one of the key figures in the role of sugar in health. His 2009 lecture ‘Sugar: The Bitter Truth’ has been watch 7.2 million times with good reason and there’s a reduced 36 minute version, if you’re pushed for time. All highly recommended.
Peter Attia MD

Peter Attia, TED Talk. Peter Attia reflects on before and after moments in his attitude as a surgeon to T2D. This is recommended viewing, especially for any doctors who may have too have had initially negative thoughts about patients with T2D.
Fed Up

This feature-length documentary is about the tragedy of the current state of diet and public health in the US. It may make you feel angry and it probably should. No one chooses to get ill like the people in this film – and no one should.