July 30, 2017

Update and Meet-Up on Sunday the 13th of August

Hi folks, apologies for being quiet for so long, the BBC ate my head.

Now, updates:

The meeting I mentioned last month with Lord *** is still likely but it’s not now going to happen until September. Things are moving on that front though and I’ll tell you all about that when we meet up. I think it’s still likely that Lord *** is still going to want to meet up with as many of us as can make it.

We’ve had more success stories come through, from Miggy from the Kendal group and Phil from the Barrow group. My thanks to them both for their Facebook posts and our congratulations for the great changes they’ve made to their health. Steve from Kendal has also been in touch to say his eye health has improved to the point where he’s been effectively signed off by his consultant, (i.e. offered the option of being fully discharged, or coming back voluntarily for a six month check-up).

Truly, it’s an utter delight to know that this odd, speculative project we’ve cobbled together is capable of having such a profound effect … and so, we’re going to do some more!

This recent stint on Doctors has meant that we can keep the wolf from the door a little longer and so we’re going to knuckle down this autumn, set up a couple more groups and crack on with the film.

So, our next meet-up will be 3.00pm at Slate in Kendal, which is opposite Pizza Express. We may be in the upstairs area. If anyone has an alternative venue suggestion, we’d be happy to reconsider Slate.

We look forward to having a proper catch-up and hearing how your Reversal and Maintenance is coming along and I’ll tell you about the strange life of the TV director.

As always, very best to you all and speak soon,

Eddy x

One Comment on “Update and Meet-Up on Sunday the 13th of August

Mike Wilkinson
August 1, 2017 at 8:09 pm

Hi Eddy,
Good news and I hope everyone is OK.

Good that you are still directing things and keeping things ticking over. I’m doing well. Last HB1AC came in at 6.3, no tablets – response from surgery was simply satisfactory…… from where I started I think it’s pretty good and hope to build on this. Have managed to keep weight off and blood sugar down, want to loose another 6-7 pounds though so am on a mission for next few weeks!
Managed to avoid the latest cull at work so am still gainfully employed. I’ll try and make Sunday 13th, depends a bit if I’m away, won’t know for a week.
Keep in touch. Mike

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