June 10, 2018

The Next Dia-Beat This! Meet-Up

Many of you who did the first round of the course will have had a rather lengthy email in the last couple of days, bringing you up to date on how things are going, discussing Lancaster University, Morecambe Bay Health Trust, including the One Year questionnaire and giving details of the next Meet-Up, which is next Sunday the 17th at 3.00pm at The Factory Tap pub, Aynam Road, Kendal. If you can make it, it’ll be great to catch-up and do let us know if you’ll be coming or not, we’ve got a guest coming and it’d be great for him to get a feel for what we do from a good number of people. If you’ve not had the email, I’ll be in touch by carrier pigeon – keep your eyes on the skies. I hope you’re all in the pink and enjoying this excellent run of good weather. Best love and speak soon, E & C xx

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