February 18, 2018

Sunday Sermon

I’m completely and utterly preaching to the converted in putting this link on the page but if you encounter ANY GP or diabetes nurse who’s sceptical about the power of a low carb diet for transforming health, send them to this page and to this link to
21 out of 23 randomised controlled trials, all published in gold standard, peer-reviewed journals, show that a low carb diet, as opposed to a low fat or even a low calorie & low GI diet, produced significantly greater weight loss and huge improvements in triglycerides, which should probably be the most significant marker of cardio-vascular disease, plus other key markers.
I know you who’ve done the Dia-Beat This! course already know all this, because you’ve walked (and are still walking) the walk and know the huge benefits to be gained from a low carb diet.
But part of the reason I’ve added this post is because we have a fight on our hands to convince the NHS and Public Health England that the message about High Carb Low Fat is wrong and is actually damaging people’s health, because just as surely as a low carb diet is beneficial, the opposite is also true.
In the post below, I mention a date at which we can hopefully add to the local conversation, as a workshop to hear the opinion of people with diabetes in the Morecambe Bay area and to add this into the treatment plan for the next five years.
I can assure you of one thing – if you don’t speak up, nothing will change so, if you want to join the conversation, get in touch in the next day or so and I’ll forward your name to be included.
Speak soon and best love to you all,

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