March 12, 2017

Sunday Express Reports on Sarah Hallberg Indiana University Study

We’ve had the heads-up this morning from Mike in Lancaster & Morecambe and Keith in Grange on this report in today’s Sunday Express:

As you can see, the report mentions a University of Indiana study, where Dr Sarah Hallberg works and reports a message now familiar to us all:

“Diabetes is a state of carbohydrate toxicity. Insulin resistance is a state of carbohydrate intolerance.

“Carbohydrate intake is the single biggest factor in blood sugar levels.”

It’s great to see that reported in a national newspaper, although more needs to be made of it, much more.

The report goes on to mention the Diabetes UK / Roy Taylor DiRECT trial, which publishes in October 2018.

The thing is, we’re not waiting for peer-reviews, or for the NHS’s administration to clank into life. It’s all too slow.

We all know now that making simple but profound changes to our diet works. Remove the cause of the disorder and the disorder re-orders. Health restores.

I can’t understate how much all of you on ‘Dia-Beat This!’ are pioneers and revolutionaries. By changing your own health, there might soon be knock-on effects for many, many more and you’re the ones making this happen, no one else. Thank you – please keep it up!

For now, I’ll re-post Sarah Hallberg’s TED talk, for the third time on this site, because if any of you haven’t seen it, please give her 18 mins of your time because you won’t regret going over that message one more time 🙂

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