January 10, 2018

Sunday 28th of January

This is just a quick line to confirm that our next meeting will be on Sunday the 28th of January at 2.00pm in Milnthorpe, at the Cross Keys Hotel in the Function Room.

It’s a big one, as we’ll be celebrating our first Ceremony of Non Diabetes for our first four triumphant reversees and we’ll be bringing you all up to date on our future plans, which we hope you’ll all be part of.

We know some of you miss the groups and find it easier to stay on track when there’s a support system in place. A few have even wanted to re-do the whole course .

We’ll be able to address these questions on the 28th. Also, in the meantime, if you have questions regarding your ongoing reversal and maintenance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our email contact is on the website, so fire away.

Claire and I ran into one of the participants today and from this it seems there are two things that may be useful for us all to bear in mind:

1. We’re all a work in progress and all we can do is work at our reversal one day at a time. If you have a period where things don’t go as you’d have liked or planned, don’t worry, just get back on the plan and carry on. It’s OK. Keep on. Getting it right even 50% of the time is still 50% better than not getting it right at all – and that’s statistically significant! We just aim to increase that zone of good over time. As you know, I speak from the perspective of someone who struggles to maintain my reversal, so there’s no negative judgment involved here. If we fail, we just pick ourselves up, aim high and carry on.

2. Between you, you’ve made some amazing changes, changes that no one expected you to make. Your families and friends noticed these changes, your doctors and nurses too. You are all remarkable. You may not always think so – but you are. We’re delighted with our first four reversees – and we want to see more of you push this disorder into complete reversal. We want to have another event in late May / early June, to celebrate the end of the first course and we hope to record more reversals then and celebrate your achievements. Also, remember that each and every one of you has already done far more than anyone expected in improving your health. Well done and keep on!

Speak soon and all the best,

Eddy & Claire xx

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