January 27, 2018

Sunday – #1 Ceremony of Non Diabetes


Tomorrow is our first Ceremony of Non Diabetes and we’re celebrating the complete Type 2 reversal of our first five participants.

I know most of you are coming but if any of you are wavering, please do join us. This is a moment that’s really worth supporting and being involved in. As you know, Type 2 is still a pretty exotic idea to a lot of people, so be part of a celebration which we hope will become much more commonplace in the future.

We’ll be at the Cross Keys in Milnthorpe (it’s right on the cross roads), kicking off at 2.00pm, in the Function Room. There’s a car park at the side of the pub.

It’ll be a good do, we look forward to catching up.

Keep on, see you soon.

E & C xx

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