February 13, 2017

Still inspirational …

A month ago, we received this email:

‘Well done Eddy! – I was diagnosed with type 2 on 8th October 2014 and was admitted into Lancaster Royal Infirmary the same day with a Blood sugar reading of 19. Was told I should expect my condition to get steadily worse and could end up requiring insulin injections together with all the associated ill heath conditions that type 2 causes. I too was in shock but discovered Prof’ Roy Taylors web site – I lost nearly 5 stone in 5 months and was off all medication by Mid February 2015. The biggest step for me was making the decision to stop taking Metformin as all medical staff said not to – some telling me to stop being stupid as type 2 was not reversible and once my Beta cells had stopped working there is no way to get them working again – stop talking about reversal and go away and take the tablets. Am a huge fan of the Prof’ in Newcastle and wish you success in spreading the word! Two years on am fit and healthy having changed my lifestyle.’

We’re very lucky as this gent has agreed to come and talk to use about his experience of both reversing and maintaining the reversal of his T2D, an achievement which, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is utterly spectacular.

It was originally posted on this site back on January 11th under the headline ‘Inspirational’ and I think that’s the absolutely the case. We’re looking forward to hear this gent’s account first hand. Thank you!

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