November 15, 2018

Sorry for the long silence but …

Sorry for the long silence but … well, no excuses, I dropped off the map for a few weeks there. Life gets in the way sometimes, as I’m sure you appreciate. For the past few months I’ve been working as part of a team on another project, which involves a co-authoring a patent application, creating presentational media (films etc) and doing the groundwork necessary to pitching for investment. It’s exciting work but time-consuming. However, to all of the Dia-Beat This! participants, a big hello, I hope you’re in good form and I very much look forward to catching up with you in person or on the phone very soon. We’re in the process of working out a date for another meet-up and there’ll be more to follow on that in a few days.

Plenty’s happened in the last few months, some of which I can discuss publicly here, some of which I’d like to speak with you about one-to-one.

Going back to June / July, the last two entries relate to a visit to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Diabetes, attended by Roy Taylor and others, where I got to tell our story and got a very warm and appreciative response from all attending. Old hands who know the past history will have heard this many times before but I’ll say it again anyway: ‘You’re all pioneers and revolutionaries!’ No one has done this before and you all deserve recognition for taking control of a condition which has only recently begun to be discussed a fluid. You took a leap of faith there but the result have been remarkable. I hope you’re all still benefitting from your change of diet and change of mind.



The last entry was an offer and it was deliberately a bit vague. I can now tell you that it was an offer from my colleague Dan Parker, who co-founded a company with Dr David Cavan called Diabetes Turnaround, that provides low carb ready meals to aid the reversal/remission of Type 2. We had four people take up Dan’s offer of a regime of pre-prepared meals for six weeks. They were two men and two women, one of the men and one of the woman had previously done Dia-Beat This! with notable success, and the other two were new to reversal. The men both did well, lost weight and improved their health and the women struggled.

We’ve seen women do well on Dia-Beat This! but, for some reason, so far men have made the biggest changes and we can only guess why that is.

Maybe, if women tend to deal with the food preparation in a household, it makes it easier for men to eat whatever low carb food they’re given, once a decision on diet is made, and conversely it’s tougher for women, who spend more time in contact with food and so face more temptation. Maybe men find it easier to be goal-oriented. It’s a cliche and a stereotype but it may have some truth. Perhaps men dislike having to take all the medications associated with diabetes more then women do. Women are perhaps more medicalised than men are, in general terms. We know a lot of participants strongly wished to get off medication but we also observed that this was a bit more common in men than women.

Anyway, it’s interesting … and for future reference, we have to work out how to pass the T2D reversal word on to women more effectively and to try and solve this difference in outcome.

If you’re interested in Diabetes Turnaround, you can learn more here:



We might be running another round of the course next year. If we do, we want and need you to come and work with the next generation of reversees.

I think that for new people coming to the course and the idea of reversal, meeting people who’ve done it before and hearing their first-hand stories is a HUGE plus. This is proper experience-based, peer-led education. I started off my telling you my story and now you’ve all got your own stories to tell. These are incredibly valuable.

My ideal vision of Dia-Beat This! is that as more and more people reverse their Type 2 and encourage more and more people to do likewise, the ripples of this spreading ever outwards.

‘Yes’, I hear you say, all of you who’ve had the mixed blessing of hearing me bang on about this subject for the past couple of years, ‘It’d help people know what was possible if you actually made that bloody T2D reversal film you keep banging on about’. Well (*ahem*), yes. This is all true and all I can say is, ‘It’s taking a bit longer than I thought – but it’s still happening.’ I learn more and more about T2D and reversal all the time and I’m glad now that I didn’t dive into a book/film full speed because the first insights I had weren’t necessarily the best ones. Running the course last year was very, very informative and I’ve had more insights since, so … The film/book will be worth the wait, as there’ll be a lot of insight based on personal experience and there’s no quick or easy way of doing that.

Anyway, I look forward to speaking with you all singly or in person soon and watch this space for details of the next meet-up.

Best love,

E x

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