March 5, 2017

Richard Doughty & the TOFI Paradox

Scattered amongst our four groups, we have a few people who might be classified as ‘TOFIs’ (people with T2D who are ‘Thin Outside, Fat Inside’).

Now, since we don’t have access to an MRI scanner, we can only guess at why these midweight-looking people have T2D.

It could be because they have a build up of fat in and around the liver and pancreas, just the same as more obviously overweight people. Roy Taylor has suggested in the past they everyone has a differing Personal Fat Threshold, which would explain why some people can put a lot of weight on and yet be free of T2D, while others need only accumulate a little visceral fat to experience a decline in health.

One such TOFI is/was the journalist Richard Doughty, who was diagnosed with fairly advanced T2D early 2012. Richard was surprised by the diagnosis, as he’d always thought, like many people still do, that only very overweight people get the disorder.

Fortunately, he’d heard of Roy Taylor and put himself on an 800 calorie a day diet. As might be expected, he lost a lot of weight rather quickly. His blood sugar normalised in less than a week and he came off the diet after only 11 days. He’s kept the T2D at bay since and his story is covered in the two articles, one from the Daily Mail, one from The Guardian – hey, aren’t we balanced in our reporting here?

There’s an interesting coda in the Mail article, where the role of stress and the stress hormone cortisol is mentioned and how stress can be a contributory cause of T2D.

There’s further useful reading in the Guardian piece, where Richard discusses his post-reversal maintenance diet. There are some things which echo our approach at ‘Dia-Beat This!’ and some differences, which we can discuss in the week.

Speak soon and all the best!

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