December 4, 2017

Reversee No.4!

Today we’ve had an excellent message from Simon from the Kendal group to say that he’s had a second unmedicated sub-6.0 HbA1c and is thus our fourth full reversee (by that I mean that he had officially diagnosed full Type 2 diabetes that he was on medication for at the start of 2017).

Early on in the New Year, we’d like to get as many of you together who can attend and have our first joint Ceremony of Non-Diabetes – and that it’ll be the first of many.

We know from the questionnaires you completed in September/October how well you’re all doing and that the pessimism of some local GPs is, for now at least, quite mistaken.  For the greater part, you’re not backsliding, you’re keeping to the plan and reaping the results. Keep on.

We’ve got Christmas coming up and we’ll be getting in contact with you all soon, partly in response to the challenges of the Festive season but largely to cheer you on.

Claire and I never thought the four first Dia-Beat This! groups would be as successful as they’ve been and that’s all down to you, to your desire for change and improvement and your perseverance. WELL DONE, ONE AND ALL!!

So, huge congratulations to Simon – and to Phil, Cliff and Andrew – and here’s to many, many more of you hitting that mark and getting fully and finally free of Type 2 diabetes.


Speak soon, Eddy

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