January 18, 2017

Recommended Books & Films


We’ve had excellent meetings in Barrow and Morecambe&Lancaster over the past two nights and one of the things that’s come out has been the desire to read up from some of the sources of information Claire and I have been using.

OK, the main reference for my own Type 2 diabetes (T2D) reversal is Dr David Cavan’s ‘Reverse Your Diabetes’.

It’s clear, comprehensive and encouraging. David says the best way to approach carbs is as follows:

He recommends people to reduce to 100 grams per day as a maximum, then use their BG meter readings to determine how much carbohydrate they can tolerate. For many people this will be around 50 grams, although for some it may need to be as low as 30 grams to achieve full reversal.

You can buy ‘Reverse Your Diabetes’ here:

Our other touchstone isn’t in fact a book specifically about T2D but it is nonetheless still highly relevent to the subject: ‘The Back To Basics Diet.’

It’s by David Hack, who you’ll all be meeting next week, as he’s visiting all four groups to share some of his insights on the modern diet and its problems regarding overweight and T2D. David will bring some of his books with him, so you’ll be able to buy them directly from the man himself.

Finally, I also recommend you buy a copy of Michael Mosley’s ‘The Blood Sugar Diet – Lose Weight Fast And Reprogramme Your Body.’

Michael Mosley has a personal interest in the subject of T2D, as a few years ago he discovered that he was pre-diabetic, despite having very little indication, being as he was a ‘TOFI’ (Thin Outside, Fat Inside). It’s a very good read, very easy to follow and recommended. Michael’s book is based largely on the work of Professor Roy Taylor at Newcastle University, who you’ve all heard about from me by now. You can buy it here:

Robert Lustig also came up in coversation in Morecambe last night and, although it’s maybe a bit long (90mins), I do recommend this piece on YouTube ‘Sugar: The Bitter Truth.’ It’s a maybe a bit technical but stick with it, it’s worth it.

Also on the subject of sugar, I brought a copy ‘That Sugar Film’ and ‘That Sugar Book’ by Damon Gameau, both of which are, again, highly recommended. If you need clarification about hidden sugars and on sugar’s effect on the body, both the book and the film are very well worth investing in.

‘That Sugar Film’:

‘That Sugar Book’:

Finally, this last film may make you angry about the modern diet. In fact, it should do. It’s a very moving film, tragic in fact, but it’s recommended, as if you’ve having any small doubts about changing your diet, this could be the film that finally removes them:

Thank you all of you who’ve joined us so far on Barrow and Morecambe&Lancaster and we look forward to the meeting tonight in Grange and tomorrow night in Kendal.

Keep on and speak soon!

Eddy & Claire

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