February 10, 2017

Peter Attia TED talk

At the Kendal group meeting last night, I mentioned this TED talk by Peter Attia. Here it is:

This is recommended viewing for anyone with T2D but is most especially relevent if you’re a doctor, diabetic nurse, or other diabetes professional as, from what we’re hearing from some of the people attending our Dia-Beat This! meetings, some of you may need to reconsider your attitudes towards people with Type 2. Ill-founded pessimism and shaming is not acceptable.

Dr Attia speaks very movingly on how his attitude to T2D changed when he discovered that he had developed insulin resistance, despite ‘doing everything right.’ He explains how obesity may be a secondary indication of a much more widespread and dangerous tendency towards insulin insensitivity.

Even if you don’t connect with 100% of the science, this is still worth 15 mins of your time and Dr Attia’s honesty and humilty is refreshing.

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