March 8, 2017

Paleo Diets Are Bunk!

Now, you might think this TED talk by Christina Warriner, ‘Debunking the Paleo Diet’ goes against what we’re practicing at ‘Dia-Beat This!’?

Weeeell …. no. This is instead a rather elegant, mildly academic dig at some of the over-simplifications and misunderstandings over so-called Stone Age diets.

If you’re less interested in the true shape of our ancestors’ diets and the husbandry of modern vegetables (which I think is interesting but hey), then move it forward to around 17’00 in and check the conclusion.

In short, no, it’s impossible to eat a truly Paleo diet BUT it does seem that a wise person eats plenty of veg, avoids too many preservatives and, of course, avoids our old enemy sugar, as there’s no way we could be adapted to a diet including much of that.

Interesting stuff, here:

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