August 13, 2017

Only Forwards …

This is just a brief note to say ‘thank you’ for all who came along to Slate this afternoon for a catch-up and to all of the first generation of Dia-Beat This! participants.

I’ve been able to speak with most of you over the past couple of days, some in person, many on the phone and I want to congratulate you all on keeping on and capitalising on the life changes you started while on the course.

As I said today, one of the big areas of scepticism we encountered along the way from GPs and others in the medical profession was the idea that although participants could make changes while the course was running and they were under observation, so to speak, they would inevitably relapse once the course ended.

Well, we’re almost exactly three months on from the Celebration event on May 12th and I’m delighted to say that all the people I’ve spoken with are still keeping on with their low carb diets and are all reaping the benefits.

Today, Claire and I saw a roomful of people at Slate who are transformed. There’s now absolutely no doubt in our minds that although the outcomes regarding diabetes have some variability, the overall effect of the low carb approach to health is overwhelmingly positive.

That’s not to say that that low carb doesn’t a remarkable effect on Type 2 diabetes (T2D) – it does, it’s simply that recovery from the disorder has different shapes and speeds for different people, as it seems that T2D manifests itself differently from person to person. We’re analysing some of the varying shapes of T2D at the moment.

We already have many participants who are effectively not diabetic anymore and who will be receiving a second unmedicated non-diabetic HbA1c within the next three-or-so months and will thus eligible for removal from their respective Diabetic Registers, if they choose. And this, remember, is for a condition which is still commonly regarded as chronic and progressive, i.e. irreversible and only ever deteriorating.

Well, we beg to differ. Type 2 diabetes is reversible – and we’re proving it.

We’ll be starting up more rounds of the Dia-Beat This! course this autumn, staring in late September, probably in Kendal and Morecambe, possibly also in Barrow and if you know anyone with Type 2 diabetes who’d like to see if it’s reversible, if they want to take control of their health, then get in touch with us: or 07562 414643, or via our page on Facebook:

As before, we’re funding this out of our own pockets, at the moment we’re not doing this principally to make money and people on the course will only pay a small amount towards costs. We’re making a documentary film on T2D reversal and we hope participants will want to be part of it but they don’t have to be, if they don’t want to. Mainly, what gets us going, is knowing that this illness does not necessarily have to be the sentence of deteriorating health and shortened life that it’s all too often been described as.

So, to all our current Dia-Beat This! participants, a warm ‘thank you’ and we look forward to hearing more of your news over the coming weeks and months and to anyone wondering if they can do the same, get in touch.

Never backwards – only forwards!

Eddy & Claire x x x

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