June 6, 2017

Next Meeting Details – Saturday June 10th in Lancaster

Pre-election greetings from an Ibis Budget hotel in Birmingham! (Such is the glamorous life of a TV director. Yes, I’m back on Doctors).

You may have spoken with or received a message from the excellent Emma, Claire’s little sister, who’s passed on the info that our next fortnightly Dia-Beat This! meeting is happening this Saturday night (June 10th) at the Toll House pub in Lancaster, kicking off at 6.00pm.

Since our last meeting, several of you have been in touch with the good news that you’ve been getting non-diabetic HbA1Cs. This is not unexpected – but equally we can’t easily explain what a great feeling it is to know that so many of you are keeping it going and getting those hoped-for results. It’s partly what we started doing Dia-Beat This! for, so thank you and keep it up! We look forward to putting the first of you through the Ceremony of Non Diabetes in the not-too-distant future – details to be revealed!

Now, just as equally, if you’re finding it a struggle to keep to the path and maintain your reversal regime, please do try and come along to the get-together on Saturday. We don’t know for certain if anyone’s having a hard time now that the weekly meetings have ended but remember that Claire and I will support you as much as possible, as will your fellow Dia-Beat This!ists. We don’t know for a fact that anyone’s struggling but, honestly, out of 40 people, I’d be surprised if there weren’t at least a couple. Remember, I know all about difficulty and I still sometimes struggle  to maintain my reversal, so there’s never any disappointment or judgment from this side. The trick is to find the path and get back to it, as soon as you can. Come along on Saturday, if you can. If you can’t, drop us a line.

Claire is working on collating the group’s results, so if you have any new paperwork for us to copy on Saturday, any new HbA1cs for example, please bring them along and we’ll photo them for our archives.

OK, Emma tells us that from the people we spoke with, we should be getting a good turn-out on Saturday. We can vouch for the food at the Toll House, Claire and I have eaten there lots and the meat board and hanging kebabs are great.

Keep on keeping on and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

If you can’t make it, drop us an email and check in, it’ll be good to hear how you’re doing.

Cheers for now!

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