November 8, 2017

New Course Resources … And First Course News

Hi Folks …

OK, as some of you know, we have two new courses beginning in Warrington and Ambleside this week. We had a good turn-out last week and are hoping a few more may join us for the start of the course proper this week. Same venues as the talk (see below), same times.

As the First Rounders all know, a big part of  Dia-Beat This! is getting to grips with sugars and carbs and, in time, chasing them right down.  As we’ll tell you on the night, we don’t dive at this too hard at the start, so don’t get a rush of blood to the head and try cutting everything out right away. We’ll give more word on this at the sessions.

However, it’s worth starting to consider where the carbs are in your diet and so here’s a handy link you can use to start counting your grams of carbs:

At the talk last week, I mentioned Carlos Cervantes, our heroic Type 2 diabetes (T2D) reversee from Washington State in the US.  As I mentioned, we don’t do the radical Very Low Calorie Diet diet Carlos discusses in the film but, all the same, Carlos’ story is an inspiration because he demonstrates what’s possible. We’ll be discussing Carlos later in the course.

You can watch him here:

If you delve back into our timeline, you’ll find all sort of links. Here are a few highlights from previous postings:

Australian magazine programme ‘Insight’, which features Michael Mosley and a relatively rare appearance of Professor Roy Taylor. This is an hour long but highly recommended.

This is excellent – Dr Sarah Hallberg. The article is good too.

Ignore the guidelines, eat low-carb and high-fat – Dr. Sarah Hallberg on how to reverse type 2 diabetes

And finally, a good website for you to have a look at:

Now, a couple of bits of First Course news …

As well a bringing new people into Dia-Beat This! we’re very keen to keep the ball rolling with our excellent First Rounders. We know form the recent questionnaire that the great majority of you are doing fabulously and we had a great turn out last month to meet Lord *** with some excellent things said. Thank you. We also know that some of you would value some sort of regular meeting, so we’re looking into that.

We’ll also soon be redeveloping the website and we’ll be building in features to help not only new members change their diet and health but also resources to help keep our First Rounders on target.

The next meeting will include a ‘Celebration of Non-Diabetes’ for our first three Full Reversees. Details To Be Confirmed! It’ll be fun.

Thank you all for taking the leap of faith necessary in doing all this and I look forward to speaking in person soon.

Eddy xxx

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