September 11, 2017

Meet-Up And Cross-Bay Walk


Our next meet-up will be on Sunday the 24th of September, at Slate in Kendal at 3.00pm.

If you can make it, it’ll excellent to see you and catch-up. Claire and I are drafting a catch-up questionnaire for you, so we can find out more exactly how things are progressing – or indeed reversing.


I’m doing a Cross-Bay Walk on Sunday 17th of September. The walk is in aid of the ‘Reverse Rett’ charity and has been organised by one of our early Dia-Beat This! participants at the Grange group, Elisabeth Christopher.

Rett Syndrome is a rare but devastating neurological disorder and Elisabeth’s grand-daughter Molly, who goes to the same school as our son Iggy, is affected by it.

It costs £10 to take part in the walk, which does directly to ‘Reverse Rett’ and I’ve attached the flyer below, click on the link.

If you’ve not done a cross-Bay walk before, I recommend it highly and even if you have, you know it’s an unforgettable experience. The walk will be led by the excellent Mr Cedric Robinson MBE, now in his 52nd year at the Queen’s Guide to the Sands. The walk leaves from Arnside at 3.45pm and ends at Kents Bank.

NOTE: The likelihood of the event happening depends on how much rain falls this week. Cedric’s had to cancel a couple of walks recently because of high water levels in some of the Bay’s inlets, so it’s weather dependent. Phone Elisabeth to book, payment on the day if the walk goes ahead.


I’m off to London tomorrow, for a Sugar Summit meeting at the Palace of Westminster on Wednesday afternoon, where our friend Dr David Unwin will be speaking. The aim of the meeting is to move towards clarifying some of the issues surrounding sugar and food labelling and I’ll let you know how it went on the 24th.


Claire and I have been giving a lot of thought to the film and to running new groups. We’ll be prioritising the film over the next few months but we’re still open to running new groups and working with new people. If you know people with T2D who are interested in joining a group, let us know who they are, or get them to get in touch with us, as we’re weighing  up different possibilities at the moment. Finally, we know a few of you have asked about setting up a maintenance group, to meet up more frequently and formally that our present slightly ad-hoc meetings. If you have an interest in this, let us know.

So, we hope to see as many of you as can make it on the 24th and if you’ve not heard from us for a while, don’t be shy about dropping us a line and tell us how you’re getting along. I’ve been doing some phoning around but it takes a while to get through to everyone.

Speak soon and best for now,

Eddy x

Cross Bay 17.9.19

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