October 12, 2017

Magic Numbers

Hi Dia-Beatists!

I thought it might interest you to see this snapshot of how you’ve all being doing since the start of the year. We’ve had 31 of 37 questionnaires returned and Claire and I have crunched the numbers. Not everyone has been able to supply all the figures but the majority have. We’re also still waiting on six being returned but this is where we’re at so far:

* Total reduction in HbA1c in 23 Respondents, over 36 weeks: 29.1 DCCT%

* Average drop in HbA1c, across 23 Respondents, over 36 weeks: 1.26 DCCT%

* Total reduction in body weight across 29 Respondents, over 36 weeks: 662lbs

* Average weight loss, per Participant, at the end of 36 weeks: 22.8lbs, losing an average of 0.63lbs per week.

NOTE: More questionnaires returned, updated figures 13.10

Well done, all of you! These are remarkable figures. Let me remind anyone reading this that it’s common wisdom that Type 2 diabetes is not reversible and will only get worse over time. These figures beg to differ. By doing little more than making some simple changes to diet, the results are striking.

I don’t know if you’ll remember but I said at the start that having figures to back up your argument is incredibly important. There are still some of you who haven’t tracked down your starting HbA1c, or haven’t had a test in living memory. If that’s you, find out the figures, or get a test booked – because these numbers matter.

Once again though, well done, one and all. You’re an inspiration.

We’ll be having another meet-up soon and we also need to celebrate three of our participants’ complete reversal of their T2D. We’ll be in touch!

Speak soon and best love,

Eddy & Claire xxx

P.S. Of the 18 participants who supplied January and September waist measurements, those people lost on average 4.36 inches off their midriff over 36 weeks. Again, well done!

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