April 3, 2017


You know the old schoolyard rhyme: ‘Heinz Beans, good for the heart / The more you eat, the … better you feel’ (sic)

I’ve been wrestling with legumes for a while now – which is not a pretty picture, I grant you.

The thing is, the little fellers are undoubtedly good for the average person. They’re full of all sorts of good nourishment and fibre … but they’re also perhaps rather carby. We know, for example, that one of our Kendal group has a problem with chickpeas and BG spikes.

This isn’t the case for everyone though. So, experiment with your legumes. Have a nice portion and then an hour / two hours later, check you BG and see if they made a spike or not. Try this a couple of times, to be sure.

If they don’t upset your BG, dig in, as these little fellers are tasty, eco-friendly and a good source of plant protein. Obviously, be careful of the aforementioned canned beans, as they come in a very sugary sauce. A low sugar version is available and not so bad, if you sieve out most of the sauce.

Read more legume news here:,-research-reports-96421673.html

By the way, you’re probably already familiar with but if you’re not, it’s a great source of information and worth checking on regularly. Their forum is great.

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