January 11, 2017


We’ve just received this message:

‘Well done Eddy! – I was diagnosed with type 2 on 8th October 2014 and was admitted into Lancaster Royal Infirmary the same day with a Blood sugar reading of 19. Was told I should expect my condition to get steadily worse and could end up requiring insulin injections together with all the associated ill heath conditions that type 2 causes. I too was in shock but discovered Prof’ Roy Taylors web site – I lost nearly 5 stone in 5 months and was off all medication by Mid February 2015. The biggest step for me was making the decision to stop taking Metformin as all medical staff said not to – some telling me to stop being stupid as type 2 was not reversible and once my Beta cells had stopped working there is no way to get them working again – stop talking about reversal and go away and take the tablets. Am a huge fan of the Prof’ in Newcastle and wish you success in spreading the word! Two years on am fit and healthy having changed my lifestyle.’

Wow! That’s a hell of an achievement! Thank you so much for sending use that story. I know there are other reversees out there and I’d like to hear from as many as possible.

(I won’t mention the contributor’s name, as even though it came in as a ‘comment’ which makes it kind-of public, I’d like to speak to the sender and get permisson first).

Believe it Type 2 folks – if you reverse the conditions which caused the illness, you reverse the illness itself.

See you in Grange tonight, or Kendal tomorrow!

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