January 5, 2018

An Important Date & Reversal Notes for 2018

First off, once again Happy New Year!

It’s nearly a year since we set out on this path and look how far we’ve come. We’ve got four people who’ve been medically declared Non-Diabetic and more of you are on the way and even if full reversal isn’t your overall goal, you’re better armed to make informed choices about your diet and health.

Now, I hope you all had a good time and I’m here to say that whatever you’ve eaten or drunk over the Festive season, DON’T WORRY.

I know there are some of you who remain zealous about sticking to the Reversal path, no matter what. I also suspect that not all of us do stick rigorously to the path, all the time. And, of course, I say ‘us’ because I’m definitely included in this second group. As you know, I’ve found maintaining my Reversal more challenging than the Reversal itself. I’m working on it and, nearly three years on, it’s getting easier. I had a bit of a breakthrough in my thinking last night and I’ll tell you about it when we next meet – more on that below.

However, the main point of this post is to say this: If you do fall off the horse, get back on again.

As I’ve always said, the good thing about a T2D diagnosis is that you can’t ignore it, you have to take it seriously and if you engage with it, it’s an opportunity to live a longer, healthier life than you might otherwise have done. You can also learn more about your health, your wellbeing and what makes you tick.

The thing is, we’re none of us a finished item, we’re all a work in progress and everything in life has ebbs and flows. Learning how to respond to challenges  is where we’re all at.

So, if you’ve wobbled (absolutely no pun intended) over the Festive season (and I may well be speaking to a group of people who’ve been utterly zealous), don’t worry, get back on the programme and let’s see how many of us can get into that Non-Diabetic zone.

Of course, apart from the fact that I’m full of love and goodness (*cough*), I have a vested interest in you regaining your good health and I’ll talk about that a little more on Sunday the 28th of January.

Please ignore any other dates that I’ve floated prior to this. We’re working to get some things in place and Sunday the 28th is the most likely date we’ll be ready by.

Also, this isn’t just one of our meet-ups, there’s a serious purpose to this one as we’ll be holding our first Ceremony of Non-Diabetes for our first four reversees. Nothing’s completely nailed down yet and if the 28th isn’t good for you, let us know ASAP, as if there’s a significant number of people who can’t make it, we’ll have to re-think. We’ll be aiming at starting proceedings at around 2.00pm and the location will likely be between Kendal and Grange-over-Sands.

More to come …

Lots of love to you all and speak soon,

Eddy & Claire xxx









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