March 27, 2018

I like this BUT …

I like this info-graphic BUT it’s only part of the story …

Yes, sugar consumption is way high. Yes, sugar is hidden in all sorts of manufactured foodstuffs. Yes, sugar is addictive and really should be considered an addictive substance …

BUT there’s another part of the problem which is just as big but which still goes largely unexamined and unexplained.

The other half of the story is, of course, carbohydrates.

Seasoned Dia-Beat This! people know all about this, they’ve had it chapter and verse but for anyone who’s not encountered the problem of carbs before, I invite you to consider the amount of sugar locked in a single slice of bread.

Any idea how much sugar, in the form of carbohydrates are hiding in there, waiting to be rapidly metabolised into blood sugar? Nine teaspoonfuls of sugar. Yes, nine.

The thing is, a person can only eat so much gateaux before they feel sick but we’re still actively encouraged to tuck into ‘healthy’ daily portions of bread, rice, flour-based foods, potatoes and pasta when, in actual fact, even people with ‘normal’ metabolisms should treat them with a definite degree of caution and anyone with pre-diabetes or actual Type 2 diabetes needs to be super-aware of the impact these foods will have on their health.

Apologies to all who visit this page who’ve been getting this over and over but, for anyone new, I invite you to do your own research and give the basic idea here proper consideration.

It could change your life. It did mine.

If we don’t speak before, have a very happy Easter!


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