December 21, 2017

Happy Christmas!

Now, I know this is preaching to the converted BUT it is so refreshing when you’ve been banging on about something for ages and you then find someone -who also happens to be well qualified – saying the same thing.

This film features the excellent Dr Rangan Chattergee who some of you may have seen on TV, notably on the BBC series ‘Doctor in the House’  a while back.

He’s talking generally about the importance of the gut microbiome but also touches in Type 2 reversal, obesity and abdominal fat. A lot of you will have heard this before, from me and other places but I do think he puts it very succinctly and the take away points (other than ‘don’t eat takeaways’, ha ha) will be very familiar to those on Dia-Beat This!

Like Dr Chatterjee, we’re not interested in labelling our good diet ‘Paleo’ or ‘Keto’ or whatever, although those approaches certainly have their merits. Yes, ketosis may occur when you reduce carbs but it’s not a primary goal and no, what we do isn’t Paleo but there are areas of cross-over. It’s not even about carbs in the end, it’s about eating well and getting nourishment, just as much as cutting out things which are toxic to people inclined to Type 2.

Basically, as you all know, eat plenty of vegetables, make them the bigger part of your plate, avoid refined carbs and grains because they don’t do anything good for you, and the good results soon become evident. Those vegetables will feed and re-populate your microbiota and we’re only just beginning to understand how crucial they are. I’m still amazed that this still seems to be controversial, as this diet isn’t new, it’s going back to older, simpler principles. To return to Michael Pollan, ‘Eat food your grandmother would recognise.’ Not so complex, is it?

Anyway, things are rolling ever onwards here in Type 2 Towers and we’ve got a lot of news to pass on to you. I’ll be getting in touch individually.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and here’s to a truly new and transformed New Year for you all, with good health and happiness.

Speak soon and all the best, Eddy Claire & Iggy xxx

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