March 12, 2017

Dr David Unwin

It’s been an interesting weekend.

Another great piece of news is that, time & place allowing, Dr David Unwin has agreed to come and speak with us. We’ll thus be possibly looking at doing a one-off event and getting all four groups together to meet Dr Unwin.

Dr Unwin is a major figure UK T2D reversal, so we can’t understate what a great opportunity this is for us to hear him speak first hand.

(BTW, David loves what we’re doing and he’s looking forward to meeting us all).

David is a GP, practicing in Southport. From what I’ve read, he was becoming disenchanted with medicine until he decided that there had to be more that could be done for the growing number of patients in his practice who had overweight, obesity and T2D.

Almost by chance, he discovered that a low carb diet made huge differences to the health of his patients and, under supervision, a number of his patients with T2D have achieved reversal. David has been rightly celebrated for this achievement, which saves his practice £30K p/a.

David is now a passionate advocate of dietary therapy and, along with a group of other health professionals, is on the advisory board of the Public Health Collaboration, a charitable body ‘dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health.’

They are here:

And here David is:

And more here:

The Big Interview – Dr David Unwin

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