December 7, 2017

DiRECT Trial Results and Old Timey Low Carb (Again)

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As many of you will have seen, this has been a notable week for T2D reversal, with details from Professors Mike Lean and Roy Taylor’s Diabetes UK-funded DiRECT diabetes reversal trial being announced, with some fanfare.

The long and short is that 48% of a little under 300 participants reversed their T2D after partaking of the hardcore, mainly liquid Newcastle Diet, over a period of 3-5 months, focussed principally on tight calorie restriction as the motor for reversal.

This, as you know, isn’t what we do at Dia-Beat This!

However, here’s no doubt that fasting works. Jason Fung has been working very successfully with this model and the original Newcastle Diet in 2011 proved that reversal was possible via this method.

The tough bit isn’t reversal. If you’re focussed, if you’re watching your carbs and keeping a weather eye on your calories too and the things we discuss on the course, reversing your T2D is a fairly mechanical process and it’ll happen.

The tough bit, we think, isn’t reversal, it’s maintenance and the people coming off the DiRECT reversal process are going to need a lot of support because they’ll essentially be starting a new lifestyle from scratch. Historically too, Roy Taylor’s approach hasn’t included low carb and that, we think, is what’ll make the difference long term.

All in all though, differences of approach aside, we think whatever the mechanism, nearly 150 people showing that T2D can be reversed and that achievement being given a prominent national platform is utterly brilliant. We’ve always cited Roy Taylor as a major touchstone in the story of T2D reversal and our congratulations go to him and his team.

Now, the work goes on with our Warrington group and so here re-posted is a link from earlier in the year, with a story revealing that there’s nothing new in the world …

Originally posted Feb 16th, 2017:

This One Hundred Year Old Diabetic Cookbook Says It All

This post comes to us courtesy of Carol Middleton in the Lancaster&Morecambe group, who found it on the Diet Doctor site, which is well worth looking at, bearing in mind Diet Doctor’s uncompromising LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) approach.

According to the preface of this book, which was published in 1917, the author Rebecca W. Oppenheimer cooked meals for patients with diabetes for eight summers under the guidance of clincians, presumably as a form of diabetic therapy. Rebecca felt these meals deserved to be recorded, for their theraputic value as much as anything else.

The meals were carefully monitored and measured in their carbs, fats, proteins and calories, with a clear understanding that they were foods, not just medicines, and so needed to be enjoyable to eat (does that sound familiar?).

What’s fascinating about all this is that the dietary guidelines, which can be seen clearly on p.13 under the heading ‘Foods Strictly Forbidden’, are identical to the emerging advice for reversing diabetes:

There’s truly nothing new in the world, is there? History seems to be an endless cycle of learning, forgetting and re-learning. All I can say is that we’re lucky to have T2D at a time of the up-swing of remembering, rather than the down-swing of forgetting.

I look forward to reading the whole book, which is included here in its entirety. If you have a look, do let us know what you think.

And thank you again to Carol for finding this gem and to Diet Doctor for making it visible to an appreciative audience again.

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Finally, we’re going to be in touch with you all individually about our upcoming plans and a date for your diaries in January.

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