January 19, 2017

Comment from Mark & Hello Kendal!


It’s great to share your information with members of the groups and thank you to Mark from Lancaster&Morecambe for bringing this to our attention:

This is an interesting piece and it highlights three things: 1. The cutting sugar and carbs truly is the way forward to regaining health 2. That Intermittent Fasting works incredibly really well for some people and 3. That some sections of the media are either deaf or resistant (certainly in the US) to the anti-sharbs message.

We’ve had a fantastic week so far with great turnouts in Barrow, Grange and Lancaster&Morecambe and a big thank you to all who’ve come along and got involved, with such good humour, in the task of taking control of their health.

Kendal, we look forward to meeting some of you again tonight and maybe a few people who couldn’t make it to last week’s talk but still want to get involved.

Cheers and speak soon,

Eddy & Claire

P.S. Scroll down for loads more links and information!

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