March 19, 2017

‘Catalyst’ – Great Aussie TV Programme on LCHF

The Australians are streets ahead of us in terms of the quality of the TV coverage they’re giving to LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) and T2D reversal.

As well at the excellent Insight TV programme which you can find elsewhere on this site (scroll down, posted 5.2.17), which features both Michael Mosley and Roy Taylor, this 30 min programme on LCHF and T2D is clear, concise, informative and comes to us via Dr David Unwin – thank you, David.

If you want to give someone the lowdown on LCHF and its role in T2D reversal, this would be 30 mins of their time well spent. Even for people like ourselves, who now know the dangers of sharb-infested waters, this is an interesting watch.

If you want to be mildly scandalised (but probably not all that surprised), there’s a good bit about 24 mins in, where hospital food is being discussed, notably a sample breakfast of toast, cereal and OJ which breaks down to a glycemic equivalent of 14 teaspoons of sugar.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, people will look back at where we are now and think, ‘Why was that ever tolerated?’ Come the day …

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