March 12, 2017

Carlos Cervantes Email & Guest Speaker Patrick for Kendal

Two pieces of good news:

We have our hero reversee guest speaker Patrick coming to Kendal on Thursday 16th. We’re going to bring the Grange group to Kendal, so there’ll be a good turn out for him. If anyone else who checks this site wants to attend, get in touch: For anyone interested in Type 2 diabetes reversal, I guarantee an interesting couple of hours. 7.00pm Castle Street Community Centre, Kendal LA9 7AD.

Also, Dia-Beat This! participants are welcome to invite a favourite diabetic nurse or GP, just let us know who you’ve invited.

The second interesting piece of news is that I’ve been in touch with Carlos Cervantes in the US, who’s sent us an excellent email, which is full of personal insight into overcoming T2D and keeping the reversal going into the future. We’ll be going over this email in some detail and it’s included in full in this week’s handout.

For anyone who’s missed Carlos’s story, here’s the man himself telling it firsthand. As with Sarah Hallberg’s TED talk below, this is highly recommended viewing.

As before, many thanks to Richard Doughty for making the video available and for putting us in touch with Carlos.

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