June 20, 2017

Big Update! Congratulations, PHC Conference and Dates for your Diary (Sort Of!)

Hi Folks

OK, settle in, because this will be a long one …

First off, I want to pass congratulations to one of our Kendal participants, Andrew, who was told by his GP last Thursday that he is no longer diabetic!

He no longer has any signs or symptoms of T2D his HbA1c is 42 and, in his doctor’s words, his T2D is ‘in remission.’ We of course prefer ‘reversal’  to ‘remission’ because Andrew’s diabetes didn’t just magically evaporate, as ‘remission’ suggests, Andrew actively reversed his condition, with great focus and intent. This distinction between ‘remission’ and ‘reversal’ is made by David Cavan and is an important one.

Andrew will be passing me his latest HbA1c and other profiles when I see him next but suffice to say that he’s attacked is T2D with great diligence and this has paid off. In addition, he’s been told by his eye doctor that his eye health is good, with no sign of diabetic effect and he’s lost 42lbs since February when he began the Dia-Beat This! dietary changes. This is a real achievement.

As most of you know, I met Andrew back at the start of the year when we both attended a DESMOND course in Kendal. I was going out of curiosity, to check out the competition in diabetes education and, as you all know, I was not impressed with either the style or content of the course.

DESMOND is a shameful waste of public money and should be either completely revised or scrapped. Worse, the DESMOND advice that people with T2D should freely eat carbohydrates is negligent and damaging and I’m making a point of saying this on a public forum. There’s more than enough evidence now that low carb is good for health generally but essential for the treatment of T2D. This information has to break through because the current situation is costing people their health and their lives.

I remember Andrew, who I now know has a kind and gentle disposition, stuck out from the rest of the participants that day because he was angry.

He was angry at the inadequacy of the DESMOND message and angry to have diabetes. Andrew’s anger became his fuel for change.

And this is the point: It’s OK to get angry about T2D, in fact once you know the facts and about how useless and contrary dietary advice has been for the past 30+ years, anger is only correct and, if you utilise it the way Andrew has done, it can be very positive and potent.

From Ancel Keys onwards, much public health information regarding diet has been wrong. I’ve also recently found out, at the Public Health Collaboration conference at weekend of which more in a minute, that there’s actually lots of good, peer-reviewed science to say that low carb is healthy and beneficial, it’s just being ignored, for reasons you might care to guess at.

Well, all of you who’ve done Dia-Beat This! are living proof that this approach to T2D and to wider health and well being works. You’re valuable, folks! Your daily choices matter to you, to your families and also to a wider circle of people in the future who will benefit from your work. Keep it up.

Now, you should also know that your work has come to wider attention, indeed on an international stage!

The Public Health Collaboration had its second annual conference last weekend at Manchester Metropolitan University. PHC is an organisation aimed at raising the level and quality of public health education and information and you will be unsurprised to know that Dia-Beat This! falls neatly into this zone. Speakers included ‘Diet Doctor’ founder Andreas Eenfeldt and our friend Dr David Unwin. Dr David Cavan was also in the audience. To say that PHC is like Glastonbury for public health education geeks is about right. Some big headline acts, like Andreas Eenfeldt and Jason Fung, the intermittent fasting guru, and smaller, high quality performers, all intent on spreading the wiser word on health and health education.

Anyway, Drs David and Jen Unwin spoke on the Sunday about their work on reversing his patients’ T2D in Southport. David and Jen are on the advisory board of PHC and were warmly greeted.

Towards the end, David made a point of singling me out, saying words to the effect of, ‘Look, you don’t have to be a doctor to do this (to reverse diabetes), some people are taking this illness on, with amazing results. I attended an intensely moving event up in Cumbria last month, where a whole swathe of people have all attacked their diabetes with amazing results.’ At that point David asked me to make myself visible and I was given a solid round of applause. David Cavan then said a few words and also praised our work on Dia-Beat This!

While it’s very gratifying to get recognition from such an informed audience, I’m also well aware that that applause was for you all, as much as for Claire and I. So, once again, well done! Your achievements are being recognised and we don’t yet know the onward effect of what we’ve started together. Again, keep on!

Now, I’d like to give you a little bit more warning than previously about the date of our next get-together BUT I’ve been booked onto another block directing BBCs ‘Doctors’, ending on August 5th.

However – and I hope you’re all still reading – do you recall that I told you about a certain Lord *** (I’m not saying his name in public or the organisation he chairs, as I don’t know if it’s acceptable to talk about the negotiating process while it’s in progress – most of you know who he is though, as I’ve discussed this previously) who was interested in working with us? Well, since your the best indicators of the success of what we do, he’d like to meet as many of you as possible.

The organisation he chairs is considering backing a round of Dia-Beat This! in a very deprived part of Cumbria, which would be great for all concerned. Great for the people in this location, great for the organisation funding us and great for Dia-Beat This!, as if we can make what we do work in this place, it can work any and everywhere.

We did a visit at the start of the month and there are some great people there but there’s a very low starting point, as this place is a nutritional wasteland.

The only fresh food we could find on the whole estate, which is home to 3,500+ people, was a small vegetable rack in the estate’s McColls grocery shop, with five narrow racks, mostly made up of potatoes, onions and bananas. Every other shop seemed to be a takeaway.

It will be an uphill struggle but, as I said, if we can make inroads there and turn some people’s health around, there are likely to be longterm knock-on effects. I know some of you have said you’d like to help out with Dia-Beat This! courses in the future. I’d love for some of you to come up and talk about what you’ve done because there’s no substitute for hearing a person’s story from that person’s mouth.

So, I’m in the process of negotiating a date for Lord *** to come and meet you. Are you up for coming over to meet him? It’ll probably be in Lancaster, as Lancaster’s on the main train line to London, so apologies to everyone north and west of Lancaster but if you can find the time and make it over, it’ll not only be great to see you, you’ll be moving us all forward. As soon as there’s a date, we’ll be in touch.

I hope this finds you all in fantastic shape. Our two post-Celebration meet-ups have been well attended but if we’ve not heard from you since May 12th, please do drop us a line and let us know how you’re getting on.

Several more of you have been sending us non-diabetic test results and you are not forgotten in this and we will be celebrating you all in due course at your own personal ‘Ceremony of Non Diabetes’, details to be revealed anon!

Keep on and speak soon.

Best love,

Eddy, Claire and Iggy


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