September 26, 2017

AMP Shoes & Thanks Again

We had a fantastic turn-out on Sunday and thank you to all for coming.

I can’t tell you enough what a huge pleasure it is to see you all reversing and getting control of your T2D. Once again, thank you, it’s an absolute  privilege to work with you all.

Thank also to all who’ve returned your questionnaires. If you haven’t returned yet, please do, as I’d love to crunch all the numbers and turn them into a lever to keep the Dia-Beat This! machine moving forwards.

Finally, thanks to Dan Parker at ‘Living Loud’ in Brighton, who sent us the link for the film below. You can see the Living Loud site here:

When you work with T2D all the time, I think it’s easy to lose track of just how devastating an illness it often is. We have to push forward and let more people know that ‘chronic & progressive’ isn’t necessarily so.

If you know someone who you think needs a bit of a reality check regarding T2D, this could be one to consider forwarding on: 

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