June 30, 2018

All Party Parliamentary Group on Diabetes Meeting 27.6.18 & Questionnaires

Again, sorry to have been quiet since the last meet-up two weeks ago. The meet-up was well-attended and it was good to catch up.
On Weds I was in London for the most recent All Party Parliamentary Group on Diabetes meeting at Westminster, chaired by Keith Vaz MP.
The meeting wasn’t as busy as the previous one I attended but since the subject of this one was exploring the idea of whether diabetes could be cured, or put into reversal/remission, I felt the need to attend and tell our story.
The panel spoke first. You all know Professor Roy Taylor and our friend Dr David Unwin, who spoke eloquently on the subject of reversal. The other speakers were Campbell Murdoch from, Professor Richard Welbourn who is a bariatric surgeon, Catherine Cassell who is a practice nurse with a special interest in diabetes and two patients who’d reversed their Type 2, Mark Holt and Geoff Wittington, AKA the ‘Dad’ from ‘Fixing Dad’. Geoff spoke very movingly about his reversal journey and how passionate he is about extending the same hope and possibility he experienced to as many people with Type 2 diabetes as he could. He also said it was the first time he’d spoken to an audience about his experience and although he was nervous, his testimony was honest, heartfelt and moving and I made a point of congratulating him afterwards.
After the speakers, the meeting was opened up and I made sure I got in there first. I quickly told the story of how I reversed my own diabetes, about how the four reversal groups came about and the result – 35 completing participants with five full reversees so far, and all experiencing positive health changes. Brief though the statement was, it clearly went over extremely well. There wasn’t a similar story in the room so, as I always say to all of you who did the first course, you really are revolutionaries and pioneers. Once again, well done and your achievements have now been officially noted.
Now, as Columbo was wont to say, ‘One more thing … ‘
If you’ve completed and returned your One Year questionnaires, thank you. There are one or two people who’ve not had a proper response to theirs and that’ll be forthcoming. However, if you’ve not done your questionnaire, PLEASE do get it back to us.
As I explained at the start of the first course, we need to show results. Without results, it’s just our say-so for what’s happened – and we can’t go far on that. So please, as soon as you get chance, just write your answers into the original email, it’s by far the easiest way of returning it and please do get it back to us.
Thank you hugely.
Speak soon and all the best, we hope you’re enjoying the amazing weather.
Cheers! E, C & I xxx

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