December 9, 2016

About ‘Dia-Beat This!’

Dia-Beat This! is the world’s first open-access Type 2 diabetes (T2D) reversal programme. Based on a mixture of recent research and personal experience, Eddy and Claire Marshall are working with six groups of people, with full T2D diabetes or pre-diabetes, to achieve reversal of the illness which is rapidly becoming the world’s greatest threat to human health and wellbeing. Eddy reversed his own T2D in 2015 and three of their participants have so far achieved full reversal. Dia-Beat This! is not a fad diet, it’s a change of mind and a change of life, focussed entirely on putting T2D in reverse. If you have T2D, or are pre-diabetic, or just concerned learn more and get involved. It’s a bold claim to say, ‘This could change your life’ – but Dia-Beat This! definitely could.

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