Thank You!

A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who came to hear Claire and I speak in the last week, in Barrow, Morecambe/Lancaster, Grange-over-Sands and Kendal.  At each event we’ve had a great turn-out and a high uptake of people taking registration packs and we look forward to meeting many of you again next week.

At the moment, all the meetings are in the same venues as the talks, all at 7.00pm on the same day as the talk. If you missed the talk and you want to attend the meetings, no problem, come on the night and we’ll bring you up to speed.

Just to repeat this one more time: We believe that it’s absolutely possible for people with Type 2 diabetes to reverse the condition, or at least control it. I (Eddy) have done it and I don’t have unusual reserves of willpower (far from it), just good reasons to look after myself (i.e. Claire and Iggy, for two).

So, even if you have doubts about your own ability to reverse your diabetes, come and get involved and we’ll do what we can to guide you through the process and then to keep your health on track into the future.

All the best, Eddy & Claire

Last Dia-Beat This! talk in Kendal Tonight!

We had another great turn out in Grange last night. A packed room at the Keg & Kitchen stayed for an hour after the talk to ask questions and we ran out of registration packs for the first time! Many thanks to the local surgeries for making their diabetes patients aware of us.

Tonight we’re at Castle Street Community Centre in Kendal, starting at 7.00 and from next week we begin the courses proper. If you miss the talks and want to just come along and resgister next week, that’s fine. We recommend you come to the talk if you can, as it lays out our approach but it’s not a bar to not joining us later.

Our main ambition is to see as many people as possible eliminate their Type 2, so if you think your willing to engage with the illness and chase it away, come and meet us and we pass on the word on how to reverse it.


We’ve just received this message:

‘Well done Eddy! – I was diagnosed with type 2 on 8th October 2014 and was admitted into Lancaster Royal Infirmary the same day with a Blood sugar reading of 19. Was told I should expect my condition to get steadily worse and could end up requiring insulin injections together with all the associated ill heath conditions that type 2 causes. I too was in shock but discovered Prof’ Roy Taylors web site – I lost nearly 5 stone in 5 months and was off all medication by Mid February 2015. The biggest step for me was making the decision to stop taking Metformin as all medical staff said not to – some telling me to stop being stupid as type 2 was not reversible and once my Beta cells had stopped working there is no way to get them working again – stop talking about reversal and go away and take the tablets. Am a huge fan of the Prof’ in Newcastle and wish you success in spreading the word! Two years on am fit and healthy having changed my lifestyle.’

Wow! That’s a hell of an achievement! Thank you so much for sending use that story. I know there are other reversees out there and I’d like to hear from as many as possible.

(I won’t mention the contributor’s name, as even though it came in as a ‘comment’ which makes it kind-of public, I’d like to speak to the sender and get permisson first).

Believe it Type 2 folks – if you reverse the conditions which caused the illness, you reverse the illness itself.

See you in Grange tonight, or Kendal tomorrow!

Grange Tonight – Kendal Tomorrow!

Thank you to all who came out to see us talk last night in Morecambe. It was great to meet you all and we look forward working with you from next Tuesday and moving your Type 2 towards the door.

Tonight we’re at the Keg & Kitchen in Grange, hosted by the excellent Tracy Hathorn (thank you Tracy!) and tomorrow night we do the final talk in Kendal at Castle Street Community Centre.

It’s been a remarkable week so far. We’ve had amazing, positive responses to our talks and seen people move from interested scepticism to a real sense of possibility about their health.

We’ve had an enquiry this morning from a gent in Morecambe who missed the talk last night and asked if he can instead come along to the first meeting. The answer is of course ‘yes’ but it’s better if people come to the talk as it lays the ground for the course. So, if you want to know what we’re about, it’s tonight in Grange or tomorrow night in Kendal, details on the poster link below. Thanks!

DBT Flyer 1.5Int

Barrow Park Leisure Centre Last Night – Lancaster & Morecambe College Tonight!

A big thank you to everyone who came along to Barrow’s Park Leisure Centre last night. We had a fantastic turn out with lots of people registering for the course. Claire and I look forward to meeting people at Lancaster & Morecambe College Business Conference Centre at 7.00 tonight and we’re in Grange at the Keg and Kitchen and 7.00 tomorrow and Kendal Castle Street Community Centre on Thursday at 7.00. Thanks to all who came to hear our talk last night – we look forward to next week! All the best, Eddy & Claire

Dia-Beat This! Day ONE. Barrow talk tonight

I was on BBC Radio Cumbria this morning, talking about Dia-Beat This! and Type 2. Listen here and by all means come along to one of our four talks this week – first one is tonight at Park Leisure Centre, Barrow at 7.00pm.

You can hear the interview here:

Thanks to Neil Smith and Mike Zeller at the BBC and to GP Amy Lee for her comment and support.

January – A New Start?

Well, we’re only a few days away from the start of ‘Dia-Beat This!’

We’ve got press coming out at the end of the week and radio interviews with BBC Radio Cumbria and The Bay.

If you know anyone who’d benefit from reforming their health and reversing their Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, this is the time to let them know about ‘Dia-Beat This!’

We’re doing four talks next week, starting in Barrow, at Park Lesisure Centre at 7.00pm on Monday 9th and then going on to Lancaster&Morecambe, Grange-over-Sands and Kendal – our poster’s included below, with all the dates and times.

The talks are followed by a 16 weeks course, open to all, which will clearly and simply explain information on the right diet, cooking and shopping and give participants the confidence to take control of their health.

This is approach is partly based on my own experience. I was diagnosed with ‘advanced’ Type 2 diabetes in January 2015. Immediately, I was lucky enough to encounter David Cavan’s excellent book ‘Reverse Your Diabetes’ and over the following months, I lost 50lbs, came off medication, my blood figures rapidly normalised and I was signed off the Diabetic Register in February 2016.

Complete diabetes reversal isn’t possible for absolutely everyone, for reasons which are not always understood yet. However, many people can and do achieve reversal and others can control the condition through diet.

Please do come along and hear one of the talks. The process of reversal isn’t complicated. We’re also making a film on the subject which you may like to be involved in, although that’s not a condition of doing the course.

Click on the link below to view our poster:

DBT Flyer 1.5Int

Or call us on: 07562 414643