Tim Price & Half-time Roundup


One of our Kendal participants, Tim Price, is doing a blog about his T2D reversal.

Many people outside our circle of knowledge might be a little baffled by Tim’s blog but everyone on ‘Dia-Beat This!’ will know exactly what he’s recording, why he’s recording it – and how well he’s doing. Thank you for doing this Tim, keep it up!

You can see Tim’s blogsite here and we’re directing you specifically towards one of his recipes:

Low Carb Pancakes

Half-time Roundup

We’re nearly halfway through the course and Claire and I can’t believe how quickly time’s passing.

By far the most amazing thing, however, is the striking progress we’re seeing across all four groups.

When we began ‘Dia-Beat This!’ we had no idea what would happen, even if anyone would show up.

Now though, less than two months in, there isn’t one participant in over 40 people who isn’t seeing some positive changes and most are experiencing remarkable improvements in their health.

Medications are being reduced or in some cases ceased, insulin doses are coming down and there are wholesale across-the-board drops in both weight and blood glucose figures. We know that many are also experiencing positive changes in mood and other unexpected secondary health improvements.

All this has been done with just two things: First and most importantly, the strong desire amongst the participants to change their health and secondly, useful information leading to some simple but profound changes in diet. And that’s it.

If this sounds too good to be true, so it goes, but it is how it is.

The next ten weeks, leading up to our celebration event on the 13th of May, will no doubt see further health improvements. Without doubt some of our participants will reverse their T2D by the end of the course, with many others following close behind them.

We’re giving out questionaires this week, to check on progress across the groups and to get some feedback on how you’re finding the course so far.

In the meantime, Claire and I would like to repeat our thanks and admiration to everyone on the course. You’re the ones responsible for taking charge of your health, you’re the ones changing your health outcomes and getting away from the shadow of diabetes.

Good stuff – keep on!

Eddy & Claire

Guest Speaker at Lancaster & Morecambe Meeting

Last night’s meeting at Salt Ayre was a corker.

Our guest speaker, Patrick, told us his story of reversing his T2D, which had us all enthralled.

I’d define Patrick as a ‘super-reverser.’ On diagnosis his T2D was off the scale but he turned his health around very quickly and effectively. He used the meds for as long as they were useful and stopped them when they weren’t. His insights on exercise were also interesting.

However, perhaps as importantly, or more, is the fact that Patrick hasn’t fallen off the path and become diabetic again. He’s maintained his newfound health for two years now and he’s showing no signs of relinquishing it.

Patrick may come and speak at some of the other groups, we’ll have to see, but suffice to say that we pass our thanks no to him and to his wife Michelle, who also gave us valuable insights into Patrick’s T2D reversal.