Peter Attia TED talk

At the Kendal group meeting last night, I mentioned this TED talk by Peter Attia. Here it is:

This is recommended viewing for anyone with T2D but is most especially relevent if you’re a doctor, diabetic nurse, or other diabetes professional as, from what we’re hearing from some of the people attending our Dia-Beat This! meetings, some of you may need to reconsider your attitudes towards people with Type 2. Ill-founded pessimism and shaming is not acceptable.

Dr Attia speaks very movingly on how his attitude to T2D changed when he discovered that he had developed insulin resistance, despite ‘doing everything right.’ He explains how obesity may be a secondary indication of a much more widespread and dangerous tendency towards insulin insensitivity.

Even if you don’t connect with 100% of the science, this is still worth 15 mins of your time and Dr Attia’s honesty and humilty is refreshing.

What The World Eats & Diabetes Map

In 2015 Claire and I saw a photo exhibition, showing families from around the world with their weekly shopping on display. There are 27 pictures from the exhibition here:

Have a look though, they’re interesting pictures.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the families from the ‘Developed’ countries, who’ve bought the greater proportion of processed foods, often live in the dark-coloured countries on this 2009 International Diabetes Federation diabetes prevelance map:

In particular, look out for the Mexican family. Their shopping looks pretty healthy – until you notice the distinctive red-labelled bottles lined up on the table behind them!

‘Insight’ Australian TV Show on T2D Reversal with Michael Mosley and Roy Taylor

Hi folks

I watched this a few months ago when I was researching my talk. It’s well worth a look. Mosley and Taylor are both interesting, as you’d expect but some of the people in the audience are really fascinating. In particular, there’s an aboriginal lady, who’s amazing. She’s worth watching the show for, all on her own …

Thanks to David Hack

This is a quick line to thank David Hack for visiting us last week and giving his excellent and informative talk on evolution and nutrition. The feedback from all four Dia-Beat This! groups has been great – so thank you from us all David and we look forward to working with you again soon.

If you missed buying David’s book on the night, here’s the link to its Amazon page:

Also, if you scroll down through the book’s Amazon reviews, you’ll find the fourth one was left by a Mr E J Marshall đŸ™‚ It’s a good read & recommended.

Carb Counter

This week, as we gear up towards the full reversal phase of the programme, one of the hot topics has been carb counting.

Here’s a handy website you can use to keep track of the exact quantities of carbs in your diet:

You don’t have to bother signing into the site, if you don’t want. Just click on ‘Foods’ in the top left corner and the next page that comes up will show you the way to keeping track of those pesky carbohydrates.

It’s been great working with you all so far this week and I’ve been delighted to hear the good results you’re starting to get.

Keep on keeping on and speak again soon,

Eddy & Claire