Thanks Again! (And links for the Food Diary and Life Diary forms)

Hi folks – First off, many thanks for all of you who came to this week’s meetings. As you know, we had author David Hack visiting us and I got the feeling his pitch was well received. I think David’s take in diet and evolution is essential background information for anyone who wants to understand the current dilemma posed by the modern diet and all its consequent ills.

I’ve made a very basic film of Thursday the 26th’s Kendal meeting and if anyone wants to see it, send me your email address and I’ll forward you the link and password. I’ve already passed links to some who couldn’t attend.

Most of all, keep on track, keep chasing the sugars and carbs out, don’t forget to keep on top of your food diaries and life diaries and we’ll have some more interesting stuff to share with you in the coming week. Claire and I are working on recipes to share with you, we’ll be looking at an online shop, clarifying carb counting – and hearing about your experiences of spotting various retailer providing ‘added value’ by offering you discounted sugars and carbs, and/or your choices of ‘most obnoxious sharb product or marketing.’

I hope you’re all having a good weekend and speak soon!

Eddy & Claire

P.S. If you didn’t get a copy of this week’s food diary and life diary forms, you can download them here:

DBT Diary Pro Forma 1

DBT Diary Pro Forma 2

DBT LIFE Pro Forma 1

DBT LIFE Pro Forma 2

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