Folks, as you know, we’re on the final stretch, with our grande (or Grange) finale on May the 12th at the Netherwood Hotel in, 7.00 for 7.30.

As you know, I’ve had to dive out for the last couple of weeks to go and direct a block of BBC’s ‘Doctors’, which is going well. I’m looking forward to catching up with all you on the 12th and telling you all about it.

I know Claire’s been doing a great job of hosting the remaining sessions and we’ve been thinking that this coming week’s will be the last of the course as it sounds to me like you’ve ‘got’ Maintenance, so banging that drum yet again now probably makes little difference. I’ve got a bumper handout for you all this week and if I can I’ll do all the toggle-cords for you too. Anyone non-Dia-Beat This! will be mystified – but too bad! 🙂

I can’t easily tell you what an interesting and amazing experience it’s been to do Dia-Beat This! with you all.

As I’ve said, the way in which you’ve all taken to reforming your health has taken Claire and I completely by surprise. At the outset, I’d have said that if even 20% of you had gone the distance and reversed your diabetes, that would have been a great result. Although we can’t presently know what the final figure will be, we are certain that in time the number of complete reversals will be much, much higher than that. You’ve also shown that 16 weeks is long enough to create utterly remarkable health changes, which again, we’ve been overwhelmed by. You’ve all taken control of your health – and you should be applauded for that.

After ‘Doctors’ ends in on May 23rd, I’ll be getting back onto the Dia-Beat This! film and in time I’d like to do filmed interviews with you all, if that’s OK.

Also, we’ll have out first pub night coming up on Thursday the 25th of May. We can discuss the details and practicalities on the 12th.

Finally, I’d like to also schedule a session with you all sometime in late August, early September to discuss how your reversal or maintenance is going.

But for now, I’m looking forward to the 12th and I hope this finds you all in fine form!

Thanks and very best for now,


‘That Sugar …’

Sometimes, you wonder how you missed something so obvious.

At the start of the course, I showed you the ‘That Sugar Book’, a by-product of Damon Gameau’s excellent ‘That Sugar Film’.

And, of course, there’s a website –

I’ve not been all over it yet but what I have seen chimes perfectly with what we’ve been doing at Dia-Beat This! so have a look and let us know what you think.

There are some great recipes too.

See you in the week!

Is This The End Of Dia-Beat This!?

Well, time flies and we’re now three weeks away from the end of the first Dia-Beat This! course – but hopefully not the end of Dia-Beat This! itself.

On May 12th we’ll be having our Celebration Event at the Netherwood Hotel in Grange-over-Sands and the invites to non-participants will be going out early this week.

Dr David Unwin will be joining us for the evening and, for anyone who’s not already in the know, you can read more about him below.

We’re working on where to take Dia-Beat This! next and look forward to talking about it more in the coming weeks.

Suffice to say for now, thank you all for your work in showing that, given the right information and encouragement, we can take control of our health and reverse Type 2 diabetes.

Now, we just need to get the word out.

See you in the week and enjoy the weekend – wa-hey, the sun’s out!

The Big Interview – Dr David Unwin

Low-to-No Sugar Soft Drinks & Adverse Brain Effects?

Before we meet up again next week I thought I’d chuck this in for your consideration …

I know one or two of you like a diet soft drink, of which I’ve raised a tiny bit of scepticism before, since I’ve read in passing that such diet beverages can nonetheless cause rises in BG. Admittedly, I’d have to read more on this subject and ultimately the best guide, in all circumstances, is your very own blood glucose monitor. I know a couple of you have tested BG in specific relation to no-to-low sugar softs and found no clear result, so hey, at the point I have to pipe down!

However, this is an interesting study from point of illustrating science, business, politics and government, all rubbing up against each other in an illuminating fashion.

The US researchers who conducted the survey are very even-handed, saying, ‘This is interesting but it’s not conclusive and more work needs to be done before any real conclusions can be drawn.’

The British Soft Drinks Association unsurprisingly have more of an agenda, saying, ‘This means next to nothing and Public Health England like no-to-low sugar soft drinks as a healthy alternative to sugared beverages’, as though Public Health England are the most infallible source of advice – refer to previous comment on the carb-heavy ‘Eatwell Guide’.

What all this handsomely illustrates is how little we know about anything when it comes to nutrition. Interesting isn’t it that we know far more about the inner activity of tiny particles and the furthest reaches of space than we do about the precise mechanisms of human health. Being cynical, you might wonder if there’s more money in ignorance than in knowledge?

For safety, I’d go with Tam Fry’s advice at the end of the article – but each to their own refreshment!

Thank You and Happy Easter!

This is a message to everyone doing Dia-Beat This! and to anyone beyond who checks in here.

Basically, T2D reversal is possible, it does take focus but it’s not complicated and we have 39 people who are conclusively proving that it’s achievable.

This is a quick message to say ‘Thank You’ for your hard work in taking control of your health.

Well done, thank you all and keep on!

T2D BG Testing / Education Project

As you know, I’ve been stressing the importance of BG testing as a means of understanding your particular shape of T2D. It’s useful when reversing your diabetes but possibly even more important in the maintenence phase, as you go on learning about what foods spike and which don’t.

This project is aimed at precisely that and has been brought to our attention by Phil at the Barrow group – thank you Phil!

Have a look and let me know what you think in the week:

Daily Mail Article

Articles on T2D reversal seem to come thick and fast these days and thank you to our reversee friend Patrick for passing this link on to us:

The headline is repeating the idea that T2D is caused by a lack of exercise, which as Michael Mosley says underneath is only part of the picture.

It won’t tell most of us Dia-Beatists more than we already know, but it’s interesting to see this information gaining more and more traction.

As always, the comments underneath the article are sort of interesting, a mix of the intolerant and the more informed.



You know the old schoolyard rhyme: ‘Heinz Beans, good for the heart / The more you eat, the … better you feel’ (sic)

I’ve been wrestling with legumes for a while now – which is not a pretty picture, I grant you.

The thing is, the little fellers are undoubtedly good for the average person. They’re full of all sorts of good nourishment and fibre … but they’re also perhaps rather carby. We know, for example, that one of our Kendal group has a problem with chickpeas and BG spikes.

This isn’t the case for everyone though. So, experiment with your legumes. Have a nice portion and then an hour / two hours later, check you BG and see if they made a spike or not. Try this a couple of times, to be sure.

If they don’t upset your BG, dig in, as these little fellers are tasty, eco-friendly and a good source of plant protein. Obviously, be careful of the aforementioned canned beans, as they come in a very sugary sauce. A low sugar version is available and not so bad, if you sieve out most of the sauce.

Read more legume news here:,-research-reports-96421673.html

By the way, you’re probably already familiar with but if you’re not, it’s a great source of information and worth checking on regularly. Their forum is great.