Robert Lustig – ‘Sugar – The Elephant in the Kitchen’

This is TED talk is excellent. Robert Lustig has been posted on this site before, do scroll down if you want to see ‘Sugar: The Bitter Truth.’

This is more condensed and none the worse for it. I came across the link to this in my old research notebook. All you on the Dia-Beat This! course will get a lot more out of watching this now than you would 12 weeks ago.

Do have a look, it’s 22 mins long and well worth the time. Yes, as far as you’re concerned, it’s preaching to the now-converted but if it helps fuel your sense of injustice that our diets have got this bad and if it feeds you some more food for though, it’s worth a watch.

Joanna Blythman – ‘Swallow This’

As promised, here’s a link to Joanna Blythman’s ‘Swallow This.’

If any of you still need to be put of processed food, this should do it once and for all …

It’s worth noting that the book is a journalistic polemic against processed food, not a scientific primer on the subject but, as with Gary Taubes’ work on sugar, you get a good sense of where the problem areas are.

‘Catalyst’ – Great Aussie TV Programme on LCHF

The Australians are streets ahead of us in terms of the quality of the TV coverage they’re giving to LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) and T2D reversal.

As well at the excellent Insight TV programme which you can find elsewhere on this site (scroll down, posted 5.2.17), which features both Michael Mosley and Roy Taylor, this 30 min programme on LCHF and T2D is clear, concise, informative and comes to us via Dr David Unwin – thank you, David.

If you want to give someone the lowdown on LCHF and its role in T2D reversal, this would be 30 mins of their time well spent. Even for people like ourselves, who now know the dangers of sharb-infested waters, this is an interesting watch.

If you want to be mildly scandalised (but probably not all that surprised), there’s a good bit about 24 mins in, where hospital food is being discussed, notably a sample breakfast of toast, cereal and OJ which breaks down to a glycemic equivalent of 14 teaspoons of sugar.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, people will look back at where we are now and think, ‘Why was that ever tolerated?’ Come the day …

Dr David Unwin

It’s been an interesting weekend.

Another great piece of news is that, time & place allowing, Dr David Unwin has agreed to come and speak with us. We’ll thus be possibly looking at doing a one-off event and getting all four groups together to meet Dr Unwin.

Dr Unwin is a major figure UK T2D reversal, so we can’t understate what a great opportunity this is for us to hear him speak first hand.

(BTW, David loves what we’re doing and he’s looking forward to meeting us all).

David is a GP, practicing in Southport. From what I’ve read, he was becoming disenchanted with medicine until he decided that there had to be more that could be done for the growing number of patients in his practice who had overweight, obesity and T2D.

Almost by chance, he discovered that a low carb diet made huge differences to the health of his patients and, under supervision, a number of his patients with T2D have achieved reversal. David has been rightly celebrated for this achievement, which saves his practice £30K p/a.

David is now a passionate advocate of dietary therapy and, along with a group of other health professionals, is on the advisory board of the Public Health Collaboration, a charitable body ‘dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health.’

They are here:

And here David is:

And more here:

The Big Interview – Dr David Unwin

Carlos Cervantes Email & Guest Speaker Patrick for Kendal

Two pieces of good news:

We have our hero reversee guest speaker Patrick coming to Kendal on Thursday 16th. We’re going to bring the Grange group to Kendal, so there’ll be a good turn out for him. If anyone else who checks this site wants to attend, get in touch: For anyone interested in Type 2 diabetes reversal, I guarantee an interesting couple of hours. 7.00pm Castle Street Community Centre, Kendal LA9 7AD.

Also, Dia-Beat This! participants are welcome to invite a favourite diabetic nurse or GP, just let us know who you’ve invited.

The second interesting piece of news is that I’ve been in touch with Carlos Cervantes in the US, who’s sent us an excellent email, which is full of personal insight into overcoming T2D and keeping the reversal going into the future. We’ll be going over this email in some detail and it’s included in full in this week’s handout.

For anyone who’s missed Carlos’s story, here’s the man himself telling it firsthand. As with Sarah Hallberg’s TED talk below, this is highly recommended viewing.

As before, many thanks to Richard Doughty for making the video available and for putting us in touch with Carlos.

Sunday Express Reports on Sarah Hallberg Indiana University Study

We’ve had the heads-up this morning from Mike in Lancaster & Morecambe and Keith in Grange on this report in today’s Sunday Express:

As you can see, the report mentions a University of Indiana study, where Dr Sarah Hallberg works and reports a message now familiar to us all:

“Diabetes is a state of carbohydrate toxicity. Insulin resistance is a state of carbohydrate intolerance.

“Carbohydrate intake is the single biggest factor in blood sugar levels.”

It’s great to see that reported in a national newspaper, although more needs to be made of it, much more.

The report goes on to mention the Diabetes UK / Roy Taylor DiRECT trial, which publishes in October 2018.

The thing is, we’re not waiting for peer-reviews, or for the NHS’s administration to clank into life. It’s all too slow.

We all know now that making simple but profound changes to our diet works. Remove the cause of the disorder and the disorder re-orders. Health restores.

I can’t understate how much all of you on ‘Dia-Beat This!’ are pioneers and revolutionaries. By changing your own health, there might soon be knock-on effects for many, many more and you’re the ones making this happen, no one else. Thank you – please keep it up!

For now, I’ll re-post Sarah Hallberg’s TED talk, for the third time on this site, because if any of you haven’t seen it, please give her 18 mins of your time because you won’t regret going over that message one more time 🙂

Paleo Diets Are Bunk!

Now, you might think this TED talk by Christina Warriner, ‘Debunking the Paleo Diet’ goes against what we’re practicing at ‘Dia-Beat This!’?

Weeeell …. no. This is instead a rather elegant, mildly academic dig at some of the over-simplifications and misunderstandings over so-called Stone Age diets.

If you’re less interested in the true shape of our ancestors’ diets and the husbandry of modern vegetables (which I think is interesting but hey), then move it forward to around 17’00 in and check the conclusion.

In short, no, it’s impossible to eat a truly Paleo diet BUT it does seem that a wise person eats plenty of veg, avoids too many preservatives and, of course, avoids our old enemy sugar, as there’s no way we could be adapted to a diet including much of that.

Interesting stuff, here:

A Chocolate Orange Is Not Part of Your ‘Ten A Day’! :-0

A Chocolate Orange Is Not Part of Your ‘Ten A Day’ – But That Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Love What You Eat.

We’ve been reading a bit about the history of UK food policy recently (well, Claire has, she’s told me bits) and we found this article by excellent food writer Bee Wilson in this weekend’s Guardian dovetailed with some of what we’d found:

Bee Wilson also makes the sage observation that, ‘Pleasure, curiously, has seldom been part of UK food policy, least of all on fruit and vegetables.’

Other countries revel in the eating of vegetables, as we once did here and rediscovering the relishing of veg is a big key to both our individual health and our health as a nation.

Richard Doughty & the TOFI Paradox

Scattered amongst our four groups, we have a few people who might be classified as ‘TOFIs’ (people with T2D who are ‘Thin Outside, Fat Inside’).

Now, since we don’t have access to an MRI scanner, we can only guess at why these midweight-looking people have T2D.

It could be because they have a build up of fat in and around the liver and pancreas, just the same as more obviously overweight people. Roy Taylor has suggested in the past they everyone has a differing Personal Fat Threshold, which would explain why some people can put a lot of weight on and yet be free of T2D, while others need only accumulate a little visceral fat to experience a decline in health.

One such TOFI is/was the journalist Richard Doughty, who was diagnosed with fairly advanced T2D early 2012. Richard was surprised by the diagnosis, as he’d always thought, like many people still do, that only very overweight people get the disorder.

Fortunately, he’d heard of Roy Taylor and put himself on an 800 calorie a day diet. As might be expected, he lost a lot of weight rather quickly. His blood sugar normalised in less than a week and he came off the diet after only 11 days. He’s kept the T2D at bay since and his story is covered in the two articles, one from the Daily Mail, one from The Guardian – hey, aren’t we balanced in our reporting here?

There’s an interesting coda in the Mail article, where the role of stress and the stress hormone cortisol is mentioned and how stress can be a contributory cause of T2D.

There’s further useful reading in the Guardian piece, where Richard discusses his post-reversal maintenance diet. There are some things which echo our approach at ‘Dia-Beat This!’ and some differences, which we can discuss in the week.

Speak soon and all the best!