Dr Jason Fung link re. insulin

Mark from the Morecambe&Lancaster group has forwarded an interesting link to Dr Jason Fung’s IDM site which, whether or not you need to use insulin to control your T2D, is well worth a look.

Much of the information re. T2D needs revision. For example, the old ‘lock and key’ model Dr Fung mentions at the end of the article is the same one being used on the DESMOND course here in the UK.

Also, when you think about it, doesn’t it seem obvious that adding more insulin to a system already imbalanced by years of the over-production of insulin, may not be the way forward? Thank you for the link Mark, much appreciated.

Insulin resistance protects against…insulin! T2D 26

Thanks Again! (And links for the Food Diary and Life Diary forms)

Hi folks – First off, many thanks for all of you who came to this week’s meetings. As you know, we had author David Hack visiting us and I got the feeling his pitch was well received. I think David’s take in diet and evolution is essential background information for anyone who wants to understand the current dilemma posed by the modern diet and all its consequent ills.

I’ve made a very basic film of Thursday the 26th’s Kendal meeting and if anyone wants to see it, send me your email address and I’ll forward you the link and password. I’ve already passed links to some who couldn’t attend.

Most of all, keep on track, keep chasing the sugars and carbs out, don’t forget to keep on top of your food diaries and life diaries and we’ll have some more interesting stuff to share with you in the coming week. Claire and I are working on recipes to share with you, we’ll be looking at an online shop, clarifying carb counting – and hearing about your experiences of spotting various retailer providing ‘added value’ by offering you discounted sugars and carbs, and/or your choices of ‘most obnoxious sharb product or marketing.’

I hope you’re all having a good weekend and speak soon!

Eddy & Claire

P.S. If you didn’t get a copy of this week’s food diary and life diary forms, you can download them here:

DBT Diary Pro Forma 1

DBT Diary Pro Forma 2

DBT LIFE Pro Forma 1

DBT LIFE Pro Forma 2

As Promised, Sarah Hallberg …

While speaking with the Kendal group this evening (thank you all for coming!) I remembered Dr Sarah Hallberg’s excellent TED talk. Here it is:

Speak soon and cheers, Eddy

P.S. 20.1: I re-watched this video this morning and hadn’t previously realised what a big impact it had made on my thinking. This video is essential, it’s only 18mins long – do watch it!

Comment from Mark & Hello Kendal!


It’s great to share your information with members of the groups and thank you to Mark from Lancaster&Morecambe for bringing this to our attention:


This is an interesting piece and it highlights three things: 1. The cutting sugar and carbs truly is the way forward to regaining health 2. That Intermittent Fasting works incredibly really well for some people and 3. That some sections of the media are either deaf or resistant (certainly in the US) to the anti-sharbs message.

We’ve had a fantastic week so far with great turnouts in Barrow, Grange and Lancaster&Morecambe and a big thank you to all who’ve come along and got involved, with such good humour, in the task of taking control of their health.

Kendal, we look forward to meeting some of you again tonight and maybe a few people who couldn’t make it to last week’s talk but still want to get involved.

Cheers and speak soon,

Eddy & Claire

P.S. Scroll down for loads more links and information!

Recommended Books & Films


We’ve had excellent meetings in Barrow and Morecambe&Lancaster over the past two nights and one of the things that’s come out has been the desire to read up from some of the sources of information Claire and I have been using.

OK, the main reference for my own Type 2 diabetes (T2D) reversal is Dr David Cavan’s ‘Reverse Your Diabetes’.

It’s clear, comprehensive and encouraging. David says the best way to approach carbs is as follows:

He recommends people to reduce to 100 grams per day as a maximum, then use their BG meter readings to determine how much carbohydrate they can tolerate. For many people this will be around 50 grams, although for some it may need to be as low as 30 grams to achieve full reversal.

You can buy ‘Reverse Your Diabetes’ here:


Our other touchstone isn’t in fact a book specifically about T2D but it is nonetheless still highly relevent to the subject: ‘The Back To Basics Diet.’

It’s by David Hack, who you’ll all be meeting next week, as he’s visiting all four groups to share some of his insights on the modern diet and its problems regarding overweight and T2D. David will bring some of his books with him, so you’ll be able to buy them directly from the man himself.

Finally, I also recommend you buy a copy of Michael Mosley’s ‘The Blood Sugar Diet – Lose Weight Fast And Reprogramme Your Body.’

Michael Mosley has a personal interest in the subject of T2D, as a few years ago he discovered that he was pre-diabetic, despite having very little indication, being as he was a ‘TOFI’ (Thin Outside, Fat Inside). It’s a very good read, very easy to follow and recommended. Michael’s book is based largely on the work of Professor Roy Taylor at Newcastle University, who you’ve all heard about from me by now. You can buy it here:


Robert Lustig also came up in coversation in Morecambe last night and, although it’s maybe a bit long (90mins), I do recommend this piece on YouTube ‘Sugar: The Bitter Truth.’ It’s a maybe a bit technical but stick with it, it’s worth it.

Also on the subject of sugar, I brought a copy ‘That Sugar Film’ and ‘That Sugar Book’ by Damon Gameau, both of which are, again, highly recommended. If you need clarification about hidden sugars and on sugar’s effect on the body, both the book and the film are very well worth investing in.

‘That Sugar Film’:


‘That Sugar Book’:


Finally, this last film may make you angry about the modern diet. In fact, it should do. It’s a very moving film, tragic in fact, but it’s recommended, as if you’ve having any small doubts about changing your diet, this could be the film that finally removes them:

Thank you all of you who’ve joined us so far on Barrow and Morecambe&Lancaster and we look forward to the meeting tonight in Grange and tomorrow night in Kendal.

Keep on and speak soon!

Eddy & Claire

Thank You!

A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who came to hear Claire and I speak in the last week, in Barrow, Morecambe/Lancaster, Grange-over-Sands and Kendal.  At each event we’ve had a great turn-out and a high uptake of people taking registration packs and we look forward to meeting many of you again next week.

At the moment, all the meetings are in the same venues as the talks, all at 7.00pm on the same day as the talk. If you missed the talk and you want to attend the meetings, no problem, come on the night and we’ll bring you up to speed.

Just to repeat this one more time: We believe that it’s absolutely possible for people with Type 2 diabetes to reverse the condition, or at least control it. I (Eddy) have done it and I don’t have unusual reserves of willpower (far from it), just good reasons to look after myself (i.e. Claire and Iggy, for two).

So, even if you have doubts about your own ability to reverse your diabetes, come and get involved and we’ll do what we can to guide you through the process and then to keep your health on track into the future.

All the best, Eddy & Claire

Last Dia-Beat This! talk in Kendal Tonight!

We had another great turn out in Grange last night. A packed room at the Keg & Kitchen stayed for an hour after the talk to ask questions and we ran out of registration packs for the first time! Many thanks to the local surgeries for making their diabetes patients aware of us.

Tonight we’re at Castle Street Community Centre in Kendal, starting at 7.00 and from next week we begin the courses proper. If you miss the talks and want to just come along and resgister next week, that’s fine. We recommend you come to the talk if you can, as it lays out our approach but it’s not a bar to not joining us later.

Our main ambition is to see as many people as possible eliminate their Type 2, so if you think your willing to engage with the illness and chase it away, come and meet us and we pass on the word on how to reverse it.


We’ve just received this message:

‘Well done Eddy! – I was diagnosed with type 2 on 8th October 2014 and was admitted into Lancaster Royal Infirmary the same day with a Blood sugar reading of 19. Was told I should expect my condition to get steadily worse and could end up requiring insulin injections together with all the associated ill heath conditions that type 2 causes. I too was in shock but discovered Prof’ Roy Taylors web site – I lost nearly 5 stone in 5 months and was off all medication by Mid February 2015. The biggest step for me was making the decision to stop taking Metformin as all medical staff said not to – some telling me to stop being stupid as type 2 was not reversible and once my Beta cells had stopped working there is no way to get them working again – stop talking about reversal and go away and take the tablets. Am a huge fan of the Prof’ in Newcastle and wish you success in spreading the word! Two years on am fit and healthy having changed my lifestyle.’

Wow! That’s a hell of an achievement! Thank you so much for sending use that story. I know there are other reversees out there and I’d like to hear from as many as possible.

(I won’t mention the contributor’s name, as even though it came in as a ‘comment’ which makes it kind-of public, I’d like to speak to the sender and get permisson first).

Believe it Type 2 folks – if you reverse the conditions which caused the illness, you reverse the illness itself.

See you in Grange tonight, or Kendal tomorrow!

Grange Tonight – Kendal Tomorrow!

Thank you to all who came out to see us talk last night in Morecambe. It was great to meet you all and we look forward working with you from next Tuesday and moving your Type 2 towards the door.

Tonight we’re at the Keg & Kitchen in Grange, hosted by the excellent Tracy Hathorn (thank you Tracy!) and tomorrow night we do the final talk in Kendal at Castle Street Community Centre.

It’s been a remarkable week so far. We’ve had amazing, positive responses to our talks and seen people move from interested scepticism to a real sense of possibility about their health.

We’ve had an enquiry this morning from a gent in Morecambe who missed the talk last night and asked if he can instead come along to the first meeting. The answer is of course ‘yes’ but it’s better if people come to the talk as it lays the ground for the course. So, if you want to know what we’re about, it’s tonight in Grange or tomorrow night in Kendal, details on the poster link below. Thanks!

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