Monthly Archives: February 2018

Calling Andrew Britton!

If any of you know where Andrew Britton is, who was one of our Kendal group and also one of our recently-celebrated Type 2 reversees, could you ask him to give us a call, email or send a message via Facebook?   Andrew’s moved house recently and as we only […]

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Sunday Sermon

I’m completely and utterly preaching to the converted in putting this link on the page but if you encounter ANY GP or diabetes nurse who’s sceptical about the power of a low carb diet for transforming health, send them to this page and to this link to   21 […]

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Important Local Changes in Diabetes Treatment?

Dia-Beat This! has been invited to attend a workshop on the future of diabetes care in the Morecambe Bay area.   Claire and I will be attending and also that we’ve been asked to see if any of our participants would like to also join?   If you’re free during […]

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The Back to Basics Diet

Hi Folks   Just a quick line to promote the new 2018 edition of ‘The Back to Basics Diet’, by our friend David Hack, for which I’ve written the Foreword.   Many of you who did the first course will remember David’s presentation well and I know some of you […]

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