Monthly Archives: December 2017

Happy New Year!

To everyone we’ve met and worked with in 2017, here’s to more life changes, better health and a longer, happier life for all. More to come! (Now click on ‘Read More’).  

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Happy Christmas!

Now, I know this is preaching to the converted BUT it is so refreshing when you’ve been banging on about something for ages and you then find someone -who also happens to be well qualified – saying the same thing. This film features the excellent Dr Rangan Chattergee who some […]

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Some BG Meters …

At Warrington on Thursday, we had a discussion about blood glucose (BG) monitors. Here are a selection, recommended by I use a Bayer Next Contour, which is fine – others are available! They all do basically the same job and are supposed to be calibrated to give the […]

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DiRECT Trial Results and Old Timey Low Carb (Again)

Hi Folks … As many of you will have seen, this has been a notable week for T2D reversal, with details from Professors Mike Lean and Roy Taylor’s Diabetes UK-funded DiRECT diabetes reversal trial being announced, with some fanfare. The long and short is that 48% of a little under […]

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Reversee No.4!

Today we’ve had an excellent message from Simon from the Kendal group to say that he’s had a second unmedicated sub-6.0 HbA1c and is thus our fourth full reversee (by that I mean that he had officially diagnosed full Type 2 diabetes that he was on medication for at the […]

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One Year On … and Thank You

This is just a quick line to say that Dia-Beat This! is officially one year old. We posted our first blog entry 0n the 30th of November last year so Today We Are One (and One Day) Old. Happy Birthday. And thank you again to everyone we’re working with, from […]

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