Monthly Archives: March 2017

Joanna Blythman – ‘Swallow This’

As promised, here’s a link to Joanna Blythman’s ‘Swallow This.’ If any of you still need to be put of processed food, this should do it once and for all … It’s worth noting that the book is a journalistic polemic against processed food, not a scientific primer on […]

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Dr David Unwin

It’s been an interesting weekend. Another great piece of news is that, time & place allowing, Dr David Unwin has agreed to come and speak with us. We’ll thus be possibly looking at doing a one-off event and getting all four groups together to meet Dr Unwin. Dr Unwin is […]

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Sunday Express Reports on Sarah Hallberg Indiana University Study

We’ve had the heads-up this morning from Mike in Lancaster & Morecambe and Keith in Grange on this report in today’s Sunday Express: As you can see, the report mentions a University of Indiana study, where Dr Sarah Hallberg works and reports a message now familiar to us all: […]

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Paleo Diets Are Bunk!

Now, you might think this TED talk by Christina Warriner, ‘Debunking the Paleo Diet’ goes against what we’re practicing at ‘Dia-Beat This!’? Weeeell …. no. This is instead a rather elegant, mildly academic dig at some of the over-simplifications and misunderstandings over so-called Stone Age diets. If you’re less interested […]

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Now then …

Now then, I know we’re now preaching to the converted regarding the value of a low carb diet but this is such a nicely-written article that I couldn’t resist putting it on the site. (Yes, I need to get out more). It makes some good points very well and says, […]

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Richard Doughty & the TOFI Paradox

Scattered amongst our four groups, we have a few people who might be classified as ‘TOFIs’ (people with T2D who are ‘Thin Outside, Fat Inside’). Now, since we don’t have access to an MRI scanner, we can only guess at why these midweight-looking people have T2D. It could be because […]

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