Monthly Archives: February 2017

Peter Attia TED talk

At the Kendal group meeting last night, I mentioned this TED talk by Peter Attia. Here it is: This is recommended viewing for anyone with T2D but is most especially relevent if you’re a doctor, diabetic nurse, or other diabetes professional as, from what we’re hearing from some of the […]

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What The World Eats & Diabetes Map

In 2015 Claire and I saw a photo exhibition, showing families from around the world with their weekly shopping on display. There are 27 pictures from the exhibition here: Have a look though, they’re interesting pictures. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the families from the ‘Developed’ countries, who’ve bought the greater proportion […]

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Recipe Suggester Generator

If you’re ever stuck for a meal idea, just get some ingredients together from your cupboard and fridge and run them through this handy site: It’s a good way of coming up with a quick meal idea, if you’re short of inspiration. That said, we’ve got another 11 recipes […]

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We Now Have A Message Board!

If you scroll down, on the right hand side you’ll see we now have a message board¬† feature on the site. Please do use this to post anything you think useful, interesting or whatever you like. Just scroll down, click on the link and you’re off. Cheers!

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Thanks to David Hack

This is a quick line to thank David Hack for visiting us last week and giving his excellent and informative talk on evolution and nutrition. The feedback from all four Dia-Beat This! groups has been great – so thank you from us all David and we look forward to working […]

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Carb Counter

This week, as we gear up towards the full reversal phase of the programme, one of the hot topics has been carb counting. Here’s a handy website you can use to keep track of the exact quantities of carbs in your diet: You don’t have to bother signing into […]

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