October 5, 2017

Thank You! Questionnaires, Forward Plans (And TV Times)


To everyone who came along to the Toll House to meet Lord *** on Thursday night, a big and heartfelt ‘Thank you.’

For those you couldn’t make it, it was a remarkable session. Lasting nearly two hours, there was a fascinating exchange of stories and ideas and I think Lord *** left with a lot of new information and ideas to consider.

On a personal level, as always, I’m absolutely delighted to hear your stories of transformation, of taking control of your health and pushing back the spectre of diabetes. I think you’re all brilliant, all of you , all who attended on Thursday and everyone who couldn’t be there. You’re all stars and I salute you. Frankly, Thursday’s meeting could have been no better demonstration of how our simple but powerful dietary principles have the power to change health and change lives. Now we just need to tell as many people as possible …


Which leads me to questionnaires. As of this morning, we’re received 27 returns and I was able to pass Lord *** a good but incomplete picture of where we’re at. If you haven’t sent your questionnaire back, please could you do so as a matter of urgency, as I’d like to fully compile where we’re at, 20-or-so weeks on from the end of the Course. Once I have the full picture, I can make good use of it … but we need your feedback. Again, thank you. We’ll be running this process of compiling data again in early ¬†February (just over one year on from the first Course’s start) and again in a year’s time, or thereabouts. As I explained at the start of the Course, what we need to prove our case is data. If you’ve had a relapse and put weight back on, or you don’t think your blood glucose figures of HbA1c is good enough, DON’T WORRY. It’s all part of the picture and we’d like to just know how it’s going. Remember, this is a life’s work. If you fall off the horse, you just have to get back on. So, let us know how you’re doing. I’ve seen and/or spoken to most of you recently but there are one or two people who’ve gone to ground. Please don’t disappear, your experience is valuable.


As some of you know, we’re now preparing for another self-funded round of the Course. We’re not running four groups this time, just one, in my home town, Morecambe. We’re going to see if we can make what we do work in the West End of Morecambe, which is one of the most economically and socially deprived areas in the North. We think if we can make Dia-Beat This! work in Morecambe, it will work everywhere. In addition to the film (ongoing), Claire and I are working on a couple of side projects which we’ll tell you about soon.


Some of you have asked when my upcoming episodes of BBC’s ‘Doctors’ are coming up. Well, the first lot is this week, this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, all at 1.45pm on BBC1. The first one, titled ‘Wearing Purple’, features the excellent Angela Bruce, who is a force of nature. Let me know what you think.

Finally, again, thank you and well done. As always, you’re pioneers and revolutionaries. Keep on!

Eddy xx


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